Police warn male riders who harass female drivers

The police have warned riders who harass female drivers on the road and also urged the women to file complaints with the police or Women and Children’s Bureau.

DIG Ajith Rohana said that it is a sexual crime to harass a woman and legal action can be filed against the accused.

Last week at least two young women took to social media to expose men on motorbikes who had harassed them on the streets.

Both women were followed by the motorcyclists and photographed using mobile phones.
The women had in turn taken photographs of the men and posted it on Facebook.

One young woman who recounted her ordeal said that the motorcyclist made lewd gestures by after coming close to her car.

“I was travelling from Rajagiriya to Colombo and this guy started following me at Cotta Road. This guy parks himself next to my car on the passenger side and kept staring at me, and when I looked he started gesturing. When I refused to look again and looked forward he drove next to the driver seat and continued,” she said.

She said the most frustrating part was the driver of the vehicle next to hers saw what was happening and thought it was amusing and laughed.

“The traffic moved but this guy followed me all the way towards Odel. Close to the Odel traffic light there was a bit of traffic and I started taking pictures of him. But he didn’t really seem to care,” she said.
The female driver said that eventually the motorcyclist rode away.

DIG Ajith Rohana said that such incidents are a form of sexual abuse and action can be taken if a complaint is filed. (Colombo Gazette)


    • Get out of that mindset already. You sound like a 15 year old. Maybe you really are one.

  1. Yess my friends and I also have faced smiler problems like thisHave so many but I will tell recent incident which happened last weektwo motorbikes followed the vehicle one in front and one at the rear.my friend was with me she told me they are following us,then both went in front of our vehicle blocking our way.They road in this manner for a long distance.Somehow we overtook them by cutting in to them and turned in to near by Air Force camp.Should do something to stop this harassment

  2. How about the Police not only fine, but take to courts all those drivers with “thug & Perverted Mentality” irrespective of the gender of the driver they are harrassing. There are many vehicles with Dashcams and that should be used as evidence.

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