Court rules Geetha not suitable to be a Parliamentarian

The Court of Appeal has ruled that Geetha Kumarasinghe is not suitable to have a seat in Parliament.

The ruling was based on her dual citizenship.

Kumarasinghe however said she will appeal against the ruling.


  1. “According to the newly introduced 19th amendment to the Constitution, a Sri Lankan Citizen holding citizenship status in another country cannot hold a seat in the legislature.”

    This is a foolish policy. If the foreign power wants to do something through a local politician they can easily buy a local politician by giving lots of money through NGOs. There is no need for the foreign powers to find one of their citizens who has a seat in the legislature. I believe that bribing a dual citizenship is harder than local politicians. Therefore, I conclude that this policy will isolate hardworking, honest and wise Sri Lankans; but a good policy for uneducated and dishonest local politicians.

  2. The Duel rule was introduced to stop Gota and becoming a member of Parliament. Now Yahapalana Government is proved to to corrupt than many recent governments. So what is the big deal on Geetha who has no value in Parliament.

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