Clean air solutions for food Industry from UTE

Compliance with food safety and quality assurance standards in the production of food and beverages is critically important globally. Locally too, food manufacturers and exporters strive to ensure stringent food safety standards.

While the use of pneumatic air processes are a popular choice for food manufacturers, the possibility of food getting contaminated is a growing concern, resulting in the need for contaminate-free, high-quality compressed air for all types of food and beverage manufacturing operations.

UTEhosted a customer awareness session titled ‘Oil Free for a cleaner world’ recently to create awareness of the benefits of using,oil-free, environmentally-safe, industrial air through the efficient FS Curtis Oil-Free Air Compressor range.

The seminar, especially targeting the food industry, where air purity affects the quality of products manufactured, contributed in creating awareness and promoting environmentally friendly solutions.

The event also served towards supporting the SMEs and larger organisations, improve the quality of products manufactured in Sri Lanka.Through UTE and FS Curtis, these manufacturers now have access to 100% oil-free compressors that have been approved and certified by international standards institutions.

Special invites attending the event included keynote speaker Dr. S. G. D. Jayawardena, Chairman-Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy and the Consultant to the honorable Min. of Agriculture, Robert Hornamen, Director, Major Accounts-FS Curtis USA and Jeff Wu, Manager, Overseas Sales Department and FS Curtis Taiwan.

Addressing the gathering, Riyad Ismail, CEO noted that the “Seminar was focused on the needs of the leading food manufacturers in Sri Lanka who are on the lookout for innovative technologies. We understand that food manufacturers face numerous challenges when using pneumatic air solutions to meet the high standards.”

Dr. S. G. D. Jayawardena spoke on the challenges faced by the food industry during the manufacturing process. “Such a seminar is timely and relevant as there exists a need for this technology; it’s important not just to produce food but to ensure safe and healthy food for the people of Sri Lanka.”

Robert Hornamen, Director, Major Accounts-FS Curtis USA elaborating on oil-free air said “Compressed air touches food and its safety has to be a priority in food manufacturing.The reason being we take atmospheric air and compress it – everything that is surrounding it is also included, – all particles including dust etc. when it touches food results in contamination.

The FS Curtis Oil-Free Air Compressor series available in Sri Lanka are the Reciprocating (1.5 – 150 kW), Rotary Screw (15 – 250 kW) Centrifugal (180 – 4,000 kW).