Joint opposition calls for black flag protest during Modi visit

The joint opposition today called for a black flag protest during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka.

Modi has confirmed he will visit Sri Lanka next month to take part in the celebrations marking the UN ‘Vesak Day’, the most important in the Buddhist calendar.

However joint opposition Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa, speaking at the joint opposition May Day rally at Galle Face today, said that Modi was to discuss a deal with the Government during his visit.

Weerawansa said that Modi and Sri Lanka are discussing a deal on Trincomalee which he says must be opposed.

The opposition member urged all those who oppose the deal to raise black flags in protest of Modi’s visit.

“They are trying to sell Sri Lanka to India,” he said.

He also called on joint opposition supporters to take to the streets and push for an early election.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa also attended the joint opposition May Day rally. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Current ruling alliance of UNP led by Ranil W..-Primer , MS-President and CBK of Tamil Federalist governed in an Island and Indian BJP -RSS of political alliances of Modi Primer has to know that an Island of Sri lanka is NOT for Sale or Auction for at any cost of Giant Foreign of powers?

    Govt. of Indian must respect ours Economic-political Sovereignty of Island not in words but in deeds . Our national wealth of Trincomalee Port and other Oil Farm Tanks and other nation land cannot give to rule by Indian companies .
    The Mission of Modi-Primer that visit to Island is not Vesak Celebration by having political-economical hidden agenda of vested interest of Big Companies of Indian MNC’s.

    We are a sovereignty and an Independent nation with deep rooted that democratic credentials of the 70 years since an Independent Ceylon in 1948.

    In democracy People are decisive factors in our Island governances by ballots of majority of voters.
    Not like that by LTTE-terrorist and JVP-anarchist rule by Bullets of power seek to gain by violence and insurgencies since1965 to 2009 May 19th .
    We as nation has lost hundred thousands people of Our nation during JVP -insurgences in 1971 and 1988/89/90 and LTTE terrorist by last 50 odd years.

    We do not want repeated such horribly & human tragedies in politically again by undermined and destroy values of democracy in near future?

    We seek the People’s Path of voters to give fresh & new mandate an Opportunity masses to decide New Ruling Governance be ‘good Governances and Rule of Law’ replace current misruled govt.

    That is the will and wish of People of majority Sri Lankan democracy we have been practices since 1948.

    The changes of Democracy means of voters has to accepts by current ruling parties in power in State since 2015 January 9th.
    The Will of the People are decisive forces of Democracy .

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