CBK calls for unity between Sinhalese, Tamil kids

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga today noted that there needs to be unity between Sinhalese and Tamil children.

Speaking at an event today, Kumaratunga said that while the war was won peace was not achieved.

She said that simply winning the war does not ensure peace and for there to be real peace the cause of the conflict must be addressed.

The former President noted that in Colombo and Gampaha she found that hundreds of Sinhalese children have never spoken to a Tamil child and in the North and East there are Tamil children who have not spoken to Sinhalese children.

Kumaratunga said that measures have now been taken to ensure all Government schools hold events to mark the main celebrations of every religion.

She also noted that the country was suffering as a result of the actions of the former Government.

Kumaratunga said the former Government blamed the war for everything but did little to improve things after the war. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It was not just a war of Tamil Tigers, many Western Powers were behind it to destabilise countries, and to sell their weapons. Some Sri Lankan Presidents too joined the Westerners group to fuel the war but did not not want to finish it. Rajapaksa is a prime target of those who orchestrated the war for finishing it which was not supposed to be finished by anyone. CBK is talking like she was born this year, how many Sinhalese children were hacked to death by Tamil Tigers? Tamils can live anywhere in Sri Lanka but Sinhalese are not allowed to live in Jaffna or North, Without starting Sinhalese settlements in North all these stupid statements from you will be useless. Please organise Sinhalese people to reside in Jaffna area then you can achieve this target in no time. Don’t waste public money pretending you are doing a good job; removing army is not the solution.

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