TukTuk releases latest updated App

One of Sri Lanka’s leading transportation apps that has the highest number of Tuk Tuks registered numbering to over 6,000 recently updated their apps in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store recently. Tuk Tuk app has been in the transportation landscape in Sri Lanka for nearly two years and the network of Tuk Tuks working with the company has increased over time.

Speaking on the launch of the TukTuk App’s latest version CEO of Tuk Tuk Network Nadeesha Lokumannage said that the new version of the mobile app offers an array of backend network services in collaboration with largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka. TukTuk Network Services facilitate the customers to identify drivers based on Location Based Services (LBS) and Global Positioning System (GPS), and get notifications via Short Message Service (SMS) and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) services to send a text between a mobile phone and the TukTuk Network in order to hire a Tuk Tuk for a ride. Main advantage of TukTuk Network is due to Drivers ability to register with the Network using any type of mobile phone. This provides the company the unique advantage of technology to reach the total Tuk Tuk population of 1.1 million Tuk Drivers registered in Sri Lanka. Officials also added that company is also inviting female taxi drivers and female taxi fleet operators to join the company’s Tuk Tuk Network since majority of female commuters in the country feel safer and are more confident when travelling in a Taxi driven by a female. According to statistics over 36% of Sri Lanka’s workforce are females and most working women and house wives use Taxis as convenient and a reliable transport service in their day to day life. Tuk Tuk Network aims to provider faster, safer and a convenient service for mainly to that segment of the population. According to the officials from the Tuk Tuk Network the TukTuk App has the potential to reach 20% of Sri Lanka’s Tuk Tuks with nearly 6,000 Tuk Tuks and over 20,000 passengers already being registered with the App.

The latest version of the TukTuk App makes it easy to get any ride across Sri Lanka via downloading from www.tuktuk.club. Having the largest network of registered Three wheelers in the country Tuk Tuk Network offers the convenience of finding any Tuk Tuk driver or any cab company even individual transportation service providers with the latest upgraded app that allows you to send a SMS to get a Ride, as faster as possible.

Tuk Tuk Network’s primary objective is to uplift the living standard of the Tuk drivers, reduce pollution and traffic whist providing connectivity with passenger for at a nominal charge of Rs 100 per month from each Tuk Tuk. The company also aims to provide variety of services needed for the Tuk Tuk industry through tying up with industry related partners to offer services such as affordable spare parts, affordable leasing solutions, and a novel concept to monetize interior of Tuk Tuks making it a space to market and brand products for advertising industry; which would also benefit Tuk Tuk Drivers at large to earn an extra income’ it stated.

As a result of the drawbacks of inconvenience and non-availability in both state owned Bus services and Train services many commuters in Sri Lanka tend to seek out the famous ‘Tuk Tuk’ or the Three wheeler whenever they want to reach a destination faster in urban environments. Tuk Tuk App helps you to get a faster ride and for more details anyone could check out http://twitter.com/tuktukapp or  www.facebook.com/tuktukapp or download the app from www.tuktuk.club.  The founders of Tuk Tuk App, the  Tuk Tuk Network officials also note that the Tuk Tuk App welcomes registrations from all the Tuks Tuks and Cab Services. All you need to do is type reg (space) tuk(space) <vehicle number> and sms to 87711.