Rock musician threatened by politician and security officers

A popular rock musician claims he was threatened by a politician and security officers outside his home.

The incident, which was caught on a CCTV camera, shows the politician kicking a traffic cone near the home of NEVI’IM guitarist Vije Dhas before his security officers remove the rest of the cones.

An argument takes place between Vije Dhas and the politician after which the politician and his men leave the scene.

Vije Dhas posted this message on his Facebook: “Earlier this evening a person claiming to be a Politician and the Secretary to the President attacked our home with a gang of security personnel and tried to occupy the premises, threatening to evict us.

I had to call for police assistance to remove the attackers and restore the premises to our possession.

An entry has been made at the Kollupitiya police station and the police have said that they will summon an inquiry as soon as they are able to locate the attackers.

This kind of abuse of power and intimidation of the population is totally unacceptable and we will fight it with all the resources at our disposal”. (Colombo Gazette)


    • Rajapakshe is not the president anymore DUMBASS!
      When a new president comes in they chance all the personnel in the office.

      • This is serious! authorities should immediately investigate!!!

        what is happening to our country disgraceful!

  1. I saw many posts going back and forth on this. However, the article, nor any other post does not explain what the incident was about. From the footage the only inference one can make is that someone has laid cones to demarcate an area on a public lane or road. Not saying anyone is right or wrong here, whether politician or not; but a little more detailed article would help in the name of responsible journalism.

    • Well said” Fair Citizen”. No one can make claims to public areas outside ones premises whether its public or private. It can be aptly seen how the CMC has marked PARKING SLOTS almost down every by Lane on the Galle road and RA de Mel mw.

    • Totally agree. What was the reason for them to react this way? Not justifying anybody but the full story should have been published.

      • Latest post made by one of the family members!

        Vije Dhas
        April 24 at 10:11pm · Colombo

        Many of you have been asking me what happened.
        A person claiming to be The Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka attacked our home with a gang of security personnel at about 8.00 pm on Saturday the 22nd April 2017.
        He parked his vehicle in our private parking area, insisted that the private road we owned belongs to the government and that he was going to park his vehicle their for a week to prove his claim.
        When I rejected his claim and told him to remove his vehicle from our premises immediately he threatened to have my whole family evicted from our home. He even called the police to support his claim that our land belonged to the government and that he as the secretary to the president had the right to evict us from our home.
        I countered this by telling the police that this is our private property and asking them to remove the attackers and restore the premises to our possession.
        I also called my parents who were out at the time and informed them that our house was under attack by a person claiming to be The Secretary to the President and a contingent of his security officers and that they were threatening to evict us from our home.
        My parents arrived and insisted that the police remove the attackers and restore our property to our possession. They told the alleged secretary to the president that he had no right to occupy any persons private property and asked him to get off our premises immediately. They waited till the police had removed this man and his security personal and then made an entry at the Colpity Police station.
        To our surprise this attack was repeated again at 8.00 pm on Sunday the 23rd.
        This time we summoned the police and the OIC of Colpity police station came to see what was going on. He summoned the attackers to the police station and questioned them. My parents made their statement saying that this was the second attack and that there were clear indications that the attackers were trying to establish that our private road was public property.
        We wrote to the Prime Minister asking that this person who claimed to be a secretary to the president be arrested and detained until his claims that our private road belonged to the government could be investigated and disproved and that he be held without bail until these investigations were completed.
        The ministry of defense was notified and commenced its own investigations.
        The police were asked to commence investigations immediately and the first inquiry will be held at 1.00 pm tomorrow afternoon at the Colpity police station. We will ask the police to:

        1. Establish the identities of each one of the attackers and arrest and press charges against them

        2. Summon the municipal engineer to establish the fact that the road is a private one and that it does not belong to the government.

        3. Establish the motives for this attempt to establish the claim that our road belong to the government and whether any third party has promised the attackers a reward if they are able to establish that our road belongs to the government.

        4. Investigate whether Ms Lanka Hotels and Residencies who have been ordered by the UDA to halt construction of their Sheraton Hotel complex at Colpity until they discuss the possibility of shared road usage with us and come up with a shared road usage agreement that is legally binding and enforceable has in any way been associated with the attackers and this individual who claims to be a secretary to the president.

        5. To investigate the background of this person who claims to be a secretary to the president and establish his true identity and motives.

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