President says he is ready to abolish executive powers

President Maithripala Sirisena says he is ready to abolish his executive powers, in line with the commitment he gave at the last Presidential elections.

The President told media heads today that there is no change in the promise he gave ahead of the 2015 Presidential elections.

He also said that the economy is on a firm track with more than USD 5 billion reserves.

The President also said that the resettlement in the North will be completed soon.

He says 60 percent of the resettlement has been completed and the rest will be completed soon.

Replying to a question on the proposed new constitution, the President said the first rough draft would be presented by the Constitutional Committee within 2 or 3 weeks and thereafter it would be studied before the final draft could be prepared. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. He has been ready to abolish the executive powers since 08/01/2015, but reluctant to let his own power go ;–)))

  2. MS-President is a unidentifity Indian Ruler that installed by RAW before 2015 January 9th by long discussion of with Western Alliance.

    In fact revealed and that shows in -depth political conspires engaged by political road-map of deliberations with UK, USA, Australia and Certain EU countries pro-Western with local elements of
    UNP-Ranil.W.. and SLFP of CBK want to an created puppet state that control by uneducated man in the top of Executives.

    They were successful that by appointed of MS as President of SL!

    The parties who behind conspiracies of the foreign and local forces which together promised to ONLY ONE TERM of Presidency for Mathripapal Sirisena .
    Not beyond that!@

    What ever the political shape of New or Old change of Constitution in future that MS cannot broken the promised to only one-Term.

    Even MS Executive or Non executive President-that is not that MS eligible remain as a Head of State of Island any more.

    The change of ” New Constitution” has not been promised his election policies by MS last campaign . He said last election NOT -new constitution but only amending Old Constitution.
    What ever said and done, that MS has to leave President after five-year term is completed .

    He(MS) has done enough damages to Our National Sovereignty is enough ! Enough !! Enough !!!.

  3. No more cheating! Enough is enough, you can do what ever you want; we will show our strength in next election. Dividing the country and selling prime land to Westerners will not be tolerated anymore.

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