Meethotamulla garbage mountain collapse death toll reaches 31

The death toll from the collapse of the Meethotamulla garbage mountain rose to 31 today.

The military is involved in the search operations at the site.

President Maithripala Sirisenahas has instructed officials to provide maximum relief to the people who were affected due to the disaster.

Several houses were buried after the Meethotamulla garbage mountain collapsed on Friday.

A fire had also broken out at the site and the Air Force was deployed to douse the flames.

The residents of the area have been protesting over the past several months urging the authorities to move the garbage to another location.


  1. This Man-made disaster the accountability must be undertaken by current govt. leaders of Prime-Minister and President.
    The Death toll has increased into 31 ,still missing citizens are more than hundred people , there is no information after 6 days has passed missed persons. Nine hundred people are without shelter .

    Disaster are tragedy of “Good Governances” not be seen by the “rule of law” has disappear from law book last 28 months .

    The current govt. leaders are an accountability of crime against Humanity ?

    The Primer has to resigned from his position immediate effect ?

    Prime is key man could take responsibility, who is accountability for the unable delivered duty of safeguard the innocent life of citizens of Sri lanka.

    The Primer & his Cabinet are main culprits can be charged by govt. prosecution !

    It is obvious that Current Govt . fail to address garbage issues last 29 months in power.

    How can such Primer/President that run the country and by undertaken massive Economic development our nation in future?

    Our nation feature is bleak ?

    The Primer cannot escaped from Crime Committed by Man-made disasters by UNP led govt.?

    He(Primer) is labial to be punishment by according law of land?

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