TNA hold talks with military heads on releasing land

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had talks with the military today on releasing private land held by the military.

The meeting was headed by TNA leader R. Sampanthan.

TNA spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran said that the Defence Secretary, Army Chief and officials from the Navy and Air Force attended the meeting.

Sumanthiran said the TNA was informed at the meeting that the Army will follow any order on the land matter issued by the President or Defence Secretary.

The TNA was also informed that the Army is prepared to withdraw from any land not required for security reasons.


  1. Will the person who made the above comments give up his land and live in the street?
    What is the rubbish he is talking talking?
    All that was requested is to release the land belonging to the respective owners.
    Many years have gone but the owners are still in the streets – what a shame to the government.

  2. Sri Lankan that man-made disasters death toll has rise 31 citizens. The Missing more than hundreds and displace over 900 hundreds of citizens since last 14 April 2017.

    The legal Opposition party of TNA-Tamil-chauvinist are not least bother is what happing in south, that except north .

    Leader of the Opposition TNA leaders are worries of grabbing govt. lands for Tamils in North?

    You can see the politics and Democratic of TNA is that only for Tamil -terrorist in North and Tamil Diasporas in oversees.

    The county go to hell it does matter , as long as TNA can win Tamil Homeland is key task of politics of Tamil -chauvinist?

    Such political Party of Tamil of TNA that can become real democratic an Opposition Party of Parliament in
    Sri lanka?

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