Elephant shot dead while being rescued in Vavuniya

A wild elephant was killed while being rescued by officials in Vavuniya today.

The elephant was stuck in an agrarian well in Omanthai Vavuniya since yesterday.

In all, four elephants fell into the well and two elephants were rescued last night.

An attempt was made by the Vavuniya wildlife officials to rescue the two other elephants today.

In the attempt to rescue the two elephants using a backhoe one elephant got out but came face to face with the vehicle.

Television footage showed that the elephant was trying to make its way back into the jungle but the backhoe was in its way.

A wildlife official in the backhoe panicked and opened fire on the elephant and killed the beast. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There should be properly trained people doing these rescue work. When monkeys are employed this is what exactly happens. Yama-palanaya is not good even for animals.

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