Sri Lanka expecting increase in Chinese tourist arrivals in 2017

Sri Lanka is expecting a substantial increase in Chinese tourists this year as more resorts and hotels throughout the country are putting in place to cater to the Chinese market, Tourism Minister John Amaratunga said here Saturday.

Amaratunga told Xinhua that with China becoming the number one outbound tourism market in 2016, Sri Lanka too was gearing up to welcome more Chinese tourists.

“China is one of the most powerful countries in the world. We are targetting more Chinese arrivals and we have enough of hotels which are prepared to cater to that market,” Amaratunga said.

He added that more locals were now also learning the Chinese language in order to guide the Chinese tourists and Sri Lanka had in the first quarter of this year already received several inquiries from Chinese travel agents.

He added that Sri Lanka Tourism was continuing its promotion campaigns in the major cities across China.

According to the latest report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, China was once again named the number one market in the world with the highest number of outbound tourists in 2016.


  1. What does this man knows about tourism.

    Chinese tourists ruining the industry. They are really low spenders except Chinese from Singapore, HKG and Taiwan. Even is any spender comes he/she is from mafia. Furthermore they destroy hotels/product

    Hotels shouldn’t give in to requests of low prices from agents. But Sri Lanka hospitality industry I believe not united.

    If don’t balance things in the industry god bless Sri Lankan tourism industry

  2. Chinese used a tourist boycott against Taiwan, to be more and more dependent on China is horrible policy!!

  3. The born by anti-Chinese now waiting is for the arrival Tourist from China to collect money run the govt.?
    What a model of UNP’s politics of policies having no backbone by themselves ?

    Now China is good ?

    The 2014/15 during days of Elections Dr Jhon was against China?
    He is an eagerly waiting at airport to be collect money from Chinese???

    The is the faith of UNP’s @ #

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