Government to undertake funeral expenses of victims

The Government is to undertake the funeral expenses for the victims of the Meethotamulla tragedy.

Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said that Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe has been put in charge of the search and rescue operations at Meethotamulla.

Senior DIG N. Munasinghe is in charge of public order in the area.

Dr. Harsha de Silva said that efforts are also underway to urgently relocate residents under threat in the area.

“Government will undertake all funeral expenses as first step. Experts on the job to urgently relocate residents under threat,” the Deputy Minister said in a tweet. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. First and Foremost the current UNP govt. of the leadership of Ranil Wicks has pave way for Man-made disasters ; unable seek solution of garbage disposal location at all .
    Result of that then after dead bodies of has founded the funeral ceremonies held by Govt. funded money .Is that public money of Tax payers.

    Current govt. waiting for disasters for the people of our country ? Ongoing regime of Ranil.W… MS and CBK to waiting to get credit out of that for state funded funerals —That is UNP??? Is the Old & New politics of UNP?

    This UNP Regime totally out of control of day to day adminiatsrion of govt. since 2015 January .
    An even they failure to address key social issues before the public .

    Look at Salawa bomb disasters was a man-made one of that lost of hundreds of people house has not yet given proper solution by UNP leadership?
    Many of majority are displaces without shelters until now?

    What was happen in Arnyake Earth slip of natural disasters lost of life and lost their homes has NOT yet given by UNP govt. .Recovering still slow ,people are displace couples of Months .UNP leadership has not address until now?

    The UNP ruling parties alliance led by Ranil Wicks… MS -President are wholly lost touch with people basic need to address last 28 months.
    How is that such parties can ‘governance of nation’ that become “Good” ?

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