Wigneswaran says concerns of Tamils have hardly changed

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran says the concerns of Tamils have hardly change over the years gone by.

He said that even today the Tamils in the North still speak of losing their loved ones, losing their property and unemployment.

Wigneswaran said that during the traditional Sri Lankan New Year, the hope of all Tamils is that their issues will be addressed.



  1. Vigneswaran is a Non politician. Now he has come to understand the reality ! How the so called Generations of Tamil politicians, Armed Groups and Government has exploiting Tamil Masses for their personal glory amassing wealth and survival.He is thinking as an ordinary Northerner.

  2. NC of C.Wignesaran is only worried about that Tamil New Eealm in north and East ,he is not a bother about day to day living problems Poor Tamils in North .

    He has given by New political agenda is that nothing but award by the West only talk of Tamil-Terrorist of New Eealm Regime in North by aim split of Island from South >

    That is why C.W has lost all Tamil contacts last 30 months. The poor Tamils having myth of Eealm is separated state is become political dream of uneducated poor masses in North???

    An Unidentified dream of Tamil Eealm that cannot be politically digest by voters of Tamils in North.
    Large majority of Tamils are in dark under current “Democracy” in North led by CW that Judge turn politician in North -soil @@@@@@ Is this erosion of North – Tamil related ‘democracy’.

    CW has no time to look after day to day problems poor majority Tamils ….north.

    While he is busy on advocating LTTE Newly draft political road Map of Tamil Eealm which back by TNA and Diasporas of Tamils in oversees in USA, UK EU countries and Indian RAW!!!.

    The motto politics of CW is quite strange as past as the politics TNA,TULF and FP of Tamil bourgeoisies want system of Tamil Capitalism ?

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