Speaker calls for new beginning by putting past behind

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya says in the New Year, Sri Lankans should be determined to create the background for a new beginning not only by cleaning the surroundings of the household in order to make a fresh environment, but also by gathering pleasant thoughts having forgotten old grudges.

He says worship of the sun, which was practiced in various forms among each civilization in the world throughout thousands of years, is in evidence of the fact that Sri Lanka’s ancestors were aware of the reality that the existence of all the living beings on earth is founded on the power of the sun.

“The Sri Lankan culture provides us with clear evidence of the fact that the individuals of a civilization which was united with agriculture and religion have always dealt with nature in a justifiable manner. The Sri Lankans who reaped their harvest and filled their attics in the fortunate month of April in which the tress bloom, hurriedly got prepared to welcome the new year season following the customs of  the worship of the  Sun. This process took the ambiance of a great festival which is linked with livelihoods, religion and environment,” he said.

The Speaker said that one utmost feature which is explicit within the Sri Lankan New Year Festival is to wish luxury and prosperity to all while uniting the whole community towards a common objective.

“Especially, customs like worshiping elders and visiting relatives, which are unique to our culture, are significant events that remind us of the social hierarchy and promote reconciliation. The ideal that Sri Lankans promoted in the Sinhala and Hindu New Year is to live according due respect to other cultures reminding that we all are descendants of the same origin being Sons of the Sun,” he added.

The Speaker said his New Year wish is for full of fresh hopes and good wishes, correcting past wrongs, giving life to local customs, traditions and value systems while respecting those of the others.


  1. The Speaker is now talking that worship of” Sun” light has not yet come to current Parliament, the evil man is head of 225 members of House .

    The Sun has not rise to democracy inside Chamber ,Parliament principle norms majority rule of had been totally violated by Speakers last 28 months .

    The Speaker of Karu J… will go to history the first man who suppressed rights of members of Parliament after the independence since 1948.
    He(Speaker) become wicked ruler of House by UNP Primer orders from time to time. All Standing order control by Hon Ranil W.. of UNP leader and Primer of Govt. The Speaker is more or less puppet of Chamber !

    He has discarded all standing orders of Parliaments one by one last 28 months.

    The Parliamentary democracy and system of rights of the Member which that totally paralysis by during his short term in head of Chamber last 28 months.

    Needles to say Democracy of Sri lanka is going towards lost of the confidence governances of Parliament norms that has come to point of uncertainties of future ?

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