Lover lops cop’s sex organ after two-timing

A 30-year-old police constable had his penis completely severed by his enraged lover who had suspected him of having an affair with another woman, police and hospital sources said Tuesday, according to the Economy Next website.

The policeman attached to the Minneriya police was rushed to the local hospital where doctors tried to re-attached the penis, but given the complexity of the procedure, he was brought to the National Hospital in Colombo. A large meat cleaver had been used to separate the cop from his organ.

“The severed piece was brought in a bucket of ice and doctors re-attached it after plastic surgery,” hospital spokeswoman Push Soysa told Economynext. “It is a fresh wound and we won’t immediately know if the procedure had been a success.”

The constable was otherwise stable and was being treated at Ward 4.

It was not immediately clear if he will take a stand and press charges against his attacker.

A senior police source said the man was having an affair with his attacker who had suspected him of being involved with another woman in the same village.

Cutting off a penis over a love dispute became known as a “bobbit” after John Bobbit had his organ cut off by his wife Lorena in Virginia in June 1993.

Sri Lanka has had several ‘bobbit” incidents, but Tuesday’s case is the first involving a police officer.


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