SLMC calls for new Constitution and not amendments

The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has called for a completely new Constitution and not amendments to the existing Constitution.

SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem said that a referendum will however be needed to create a new Constitution.

He said that the people were given a promise that a new Constitution will be introduced to the country and that promise must be kept.

Hakeem also said that in the new Constitution there needs to be meaningful devolution of powers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Muslim political party of Muslim Congress base on Religion Teaching of Islam theology by against politics of secular Democracy of Island of Sri Lanka.

    The MC is seeking separate administration on Eastern province is that against Republic Constriction by split country for Muslim Terrorist out fit in Eastern province .

    Current Chief Minister of EP Is working aim of building New Muslim administration in Eastern Province by the support of foreign back Islam forces of Sunni Muslim centers in Saudi Arabian base elements .

    The MC an openly advocated against Unitary character of Republic State by splitters political activates against United country exist 2500 years of civilization in Island of Sri lanakn.

    When LTTE was in armed an operation in North-eastern province at that time Tamil-terrorism of LTTE want to split country, Muslim Congress leader Rauf Hakkem allied with LTTE leader of ruthless terrorist Parabaran for division of our nation?

    Such a Islam Terrorist of MC now seek
    New Constitution Republic by aim of partition of Sri lanka? For part of island for Muslim Terrorist ? or ISIL is behind that by MC?
    The MC is advocating Islam or Muslim base Religion’s Republic of Lankan is NOT that quite possible in Sri lanka advocated by Rauf Hakkem of Muslim Congress ?

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