Parliament sittings adjourned following tense situation

Parliament sittings were adjourned today following a tense situation.

The situation arose when the joint opposition raised objections to the time allocated for them to speak.

Joint opposition Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena said that very little time had been allocated for the joint opposition to raise the Geneva issue in Parliament today.

Gunawardena said that the Geneva issue is a serious issue and the joint opposition must be given fair time to make statements on the issue.

However the Government said there was an agreement to reduce the time allocated for Parliamentarians to speak today as Parliament was to conclude sittings at 3pm today owing to the funeral of the late Most Venerable Aggamaha Pandita Davuldena Gnanaissara Thero, the Mahanayake of Amarapura Maha Nikaya which takes place today.

However the joint opposition continued to demand more time and as a result the Speaker adjourned sittings. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The system of Parliament democracy which that base on voice majority elected member the people of majority votes.

    We called this is a Sovereignty of Parliament in Sri lanka.

    The legislating body of Parliament is most paramount right of driving forced sovereignty of Sri Lankan last 68 years.

    Since 20i5 August 17 of UNP- Ranil. W of old leadership being to power of TNA and JVP of anti-democratic forces playing anti- establishment politics in Island.
    That was system of the Parliament in operation has change since 1948 after Independence decided by majority votes of house members shifted to minority decided by ruling governances.

    The voice of United Opposition has been suppress by Speak of the Parliament !?

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