UK tells Lanka to become signatory to Ottawa Convention

The British Government has urged Sri Lanka to become a signatory to the Ottawa Convention.

The British High Commission in Colombo has been funding demining work in Sri Lanka since 2010.

Between 2010 and 2019, we will have spent over £6.2 million (over LKR 1.2 billion) on demining all across the North and East of Sri Lanka.

“Working mostly through our partners, The HALO Trust, we intend to clear more than 600km2 of land between 2016 and 2019, making it safe for people to move home and start cultivating their land again,” Deputy UK High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and the Maldives Laura Davies said.

She noted that recently, two of her colleagues travelled to Muhamalai, Jaffna, to hear from deminers there about the progress they are making.

Deputy Programme Manager Chanuki explains, “We saw a vast area of productive land that could not be used for livelihoods due to the high density of mines.  Teams of HALO deminers were meticulously clearing their way through land to be released for occupation.  We met families, and many female headed households, living in temporary shelters and concerned about sustainable income, access to facilities and rebuilding communities.”

The Government of Sri Lanka has set itself 2020 as a target for the whole of Sri Lanka being mine impact free.

Davies said the UK will be with Sri Lanka every step of the way, supporting the achievement of that target and encouraging the Government to mark it by becoming a signatory to the Ottawa Convention. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Queens UK of the House of Hanover that United Kingdom or British Empire has to change double standard policies of Terrorism and Demining in Island of Sri lanka.

    Those who are key responsibility of mining of bombs in North -east are by LTTE Tamil-chauvinist Terrorists; the Tamil terrorist War against to destroy Democracy system of governess in Sri lanka.

    The LTTE uproot political power of ballots and replace Gun-rule politics of blessing of United Kingdom by the “God created :Queen of Elisabeth the Second.

    UK is haven for Tamil -terrorist of LTTE the
    so-called “freedom fights” back by Global Tamil Forum and British Tamil Form are out-right arms of LTTE political wing by supply Arms and Weapons to LTTE armed cadres in Sri lanka.

    All in all GUN-RULE that LTTE proxies has been that provided to purchasing Bomb mining through-out North and east part of an island during last 30 war launch by Tamil LTTE terror -outfit against Tamil civilian of North-eastern provinces in Island.

    Now British Embassy in Colombo forces us sing new Ottawa agreement for the demining operation is having different aim of that.
    We Sri Lankan cannot understanding of motived act of this?

    Is that new dual role of war politics initiated by UK ruling party want map out the New LTTE politics of Gun -Rule back to base in Island?

    Having reasonable doubt of majority community is that British Embassy is pressure to sing Ottawa agreement on what grounds?

    British Embassy in Colombo that violated all diplomatic protocol of Vienna Convention by using political influences by UNP political allies, which want to Re-colonialized Sri lanka again?
    By hook or crook?

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