EU official and Wigneswaran discuss issues in the North

The head of the Political, Trade and Communications section of the European Union (EU) office in Colombo, Paul Godfrey had talks with Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran in Jaffna today.

Godfrey said the talks focused on ensuring the work of the EU in Sri Lanka reflects the needs of the people.

“Its very important for the EU to understand the views of the Chief Minister and the other political people in the Northern province,” he said.

Wigneswaran said that he had urged the EU in the past to understand the concerns of the people in the North.

As a result, Wigneswaran said the EU official had talks with him to look at ways on working together in the future.

He said that the talks will be part of an ongoing process involving the EU and the Chief Minister’s office. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. EU political trade and communication head officer in Colombo attempted intervention of internal affairs
    Sri Lankan nation sovereignty and want to undermined Democracy !

    The so-called EU higher ranking offices has been that break protocol of Diplomatic credentials between
    Sri lanaka and EU nations.
    Head of EU Godfery of Paul has to learn that his duty and responsibility has not that included encourage and promoted Tamil-Terrorism by partition of our Island by ethnic demarcation the line of racism.

    He could know that C.Wignasram is out-right Tamil racist who is currently hidden member of LTTE -terrorist -outfit in North.

    The role of CW of NC that anti-establishment and
    anti-democracy of bypassing all norms path & way of the Sri Lankan political order, who want undermined Parliamentary that of voters base Democracy.

    This will lead new boots of Tamil Terrorism in North by acts of CW of NC.
    What is the aim of EU head in Colombo Office ?

    Is he(EU of Gdofery Paul ) want to undermined whole system of Democracy by encouraging CW of North Province that while an introducing political of insurgencies in whole Island? OR other wise he is up to what?

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