ACJU backs reforms on Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) says a statement made by the President of the ACJU that the “Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is perfect in its present state” has been subjected to misinterpretation.

A statement by the ACJU said that ever since its establishment the ACJU has always taken a very flexible and moderate approach, within the  framework of Shari’ah and the greater public interest, when consulting on any issue.

The Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, is a topic which has been spoken widely in many circles and forums these days. In this regard, ACJU believes without doubt, the MMDA as it stands today definitely needs reforms.

ACJU says as a responsible institution it has to look into various aspects, inter alia :

(1) matters of relevance to the religious teachings;

(2) finding solutions to the grievances of the women;

(3) ensuring the acceptance and acknowledgement of the larger Muslim community;

(4) establishing justice to each and everyone to the best possible extent.

In doing so, as Religious Scholars ACJU says it is willing to be flexible and accommodative to the fullest extent. In the same vein, it is the bounden religious duty of the Scholars to alert the Committee in the area of Shariah principles, as relevant.

“From its inception, the ACJU has been very careful in handling the MMDA matter and it has always given its fullest support to the committee. In this long journey, the committee has moved forward unitedly and as a team. We believe that InshaAllah we can conclude the committee proceedings in a manner that is satisfactory to all. The comprehensive report which we have submitted to the reform committee has provided detailed  explanation to all the key topics of the MMDA reforms. If someone goes through this report he/she will understand the stand of ACJU and the rationale behind its suggestions,” ACJU added.

ACJU says there have been unfair allegations against ACJU that it is not ready to listen to the grievances of the women.

“There is no truth at all  in this allegation. ACJU wishes to highlight that it will be a gross violation of Islamic religious teachings to ignore the women or not to give them the honour and respect that Islam has bestowed on them. ACJU is therefore, bound by these religious teachings,” ACJU added.

The ACJU invites all to join hands in this noble work to reform the MMDA and to protect the rights of oppressed women and the rights of every individual. (Colombo Gazette)


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