USS Comstock concludes humanitarian training in Sri Lanka

USS Comstock (LSD 45) departed Sri Lanka today following a week of exchanges with the Sri Lankan Navy and Marine Corps.  These exercises focused on improving humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts and coordination, the third such military-to-military exchange between U.S. Sailors and Marines and their Sri Lankan counterparts in the past 12 months.

“We hope to build upon past successes and do what we can to exchange best naval practices for regional security and humanitarian assistance, and to ensure a bright future for further bilateral engagements like this,” said Commander Bradley Coletti, commanding officer of the USS Comstock.

U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap noted, “Our growing military-to-military cooperation reflects the progress Sri Lanka has made on reconciliation and justice.  As Sri Lanka continues to make progress in implementing its commitments to its people and the international community, this will form the basis of further cooperation between our militaries.”

Approximately 325 U.S. Sailors and Marines joined 175 participants from the Sri Lankan Navy and Marine Corps as part of this exchange.  U.S. Marines embarked aboard the USS Comstock helped introduce the latest tactics and equipment for the Sri Lanka Marine Corps, including life-saving skills; convoy operations; humanitarian assistance and disaster relief training; and amphibious vehicle familiarization.

During the visit, the Sailors and Marines of the USS Comstock and embarked 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) also experienced the rich cultural sites of Sri Lanka.  In addition, military personnel joined members of the U.S. Embassy to donate toys and renovate children’s dormitories at the Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind in Ratmalana.

“We are grateful to all of the Sailors and Marines for spending a few days helping hearing-impaired Sri Lankan students at the Ceylon School,” said Ambassador Keshap.

USS Comstock, assigned to the Makin Island Amphibious Ready Group, and embarked 11th MEU are on scheduled deployment to the U.S. 7th Fleet and 5th Fleet area of responsibilities.


  1. The current proposed Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement of ( ACSA) between Colombo and Washington is going to be military to Military cooperation between Sri Lanka and USA will ham our neutrality Non -military activities our nation has been violated nakedly undermined ours National Sovereignty.
    Is this current UNP-Ranil W…MS & CBK click of regime has support for this ACSA ?

    No doubt proposed that USA “ambitions of regional security” ,that will give an open passage to Indian Ocean by USA 7th Fleet and 5th Fleet of area of responsibility .

    The Geo-political development is political one that is very important that Indian Ocean political development be influence by USA pivot Asian expansionism in surrounding in Sri lanka .

    Therefor that USA will an intervention of internal affairs of Sri Lankan democracy by political changes and by Regime changes by time to time its comes -democracy .

    It will undermined Sri Lankan National Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity,Independent and vote base Democracy of Island politics by US high-hand of that -USA Embassy in Colombo.

    I do not understand how is that USA made reconciliation and Justice will come from Military to Military cooperation between two nations?

    These logic of Military cooperation will destroy Democracy, Justice and Human rights of every country where is that US has gone killed hundred thousand of people in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Afgastain in early in 1960 to 70tees Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

    We do not want to repeated such tragedies of armed conflicts in our island by USA the name of “Justice and reconciliation” by US Embassy in Colombo .

    The agreement of ACSA of two countries will go history ours national security undermined once and for all.

  2. There are lessons we can learn from Iraq. Need to understand the ulterior motive of US ships spending money and time to come to Sri Lanka.

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