IGP appoints an ASP to commission on bond scam

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara has appointed an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to be part of the Presidential Commission investigating the alleged treasury bond scam.

ASP N.V. Lorenz will represent the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in the investigations.

President Maithripala Sirisena had appointed the Presidential Commission and the Commisson has already recorded statements from several people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The present IGP of Pujitha Jayasendars has been unable to an appointment of an enforcement authority from Department of Police to be attended CB Bond scam by higher police officer in his Department in the last two years .

    Present IGP has been that deliberated neglected his duty of an appoint of ASP or Higher level office in this case of CB Bond scam most vital issue of Public of Money is concern .

    In current system of AR and FR of Govt. guidelines of that the IGP must be charge on that he was unable to discharge duty of his own responsibility; he has to be charge by Public Prosecution office of Attorney General by immediate effects by covered operation handle by IGP.

    The looting of Public money is very serious offence but why is that IGP was silent on that matter .!@

    Where is law enforcement office of Police dept. NOT look at these issues by IGP?

    Which is point of that Police Commission did NOT act of their responsibly and accountability of CB Bond frauds that involved by CB Governor and Primer of State from the give free hand only leave only for the IGP in the very inceptions ?

    How is that Police Commission has diverted from duty of an investigation of CB Bond scam avoided by IGP ?
    Is that Police Commission is going to an inquire of IGP inelegance of his duty of enforcement authority by imparity of his binding duties ?

    Why is that current IGP has intentionally neglected to discharge his duty of that large scale of Public fund loot by Primer of Govt. of Ranil W..?.

    Having sufficient evidences for Criminal an investigation of public financial matter of public money commitments by CB -Governor and Primer of State was very serious issues by an investigation by Higher police Officer or by the duty of IGP-himself .

    Why is that delay CD Bond issues has abandoned by IGP ?
    It is almost two years has passed before that long time back of big fraud of CB Bond scam no where in IGP led Dept. Of Police ?

    Where is law and order of country run by IGP headed Dept. of Police are working of which directions?

    The Way and mode of the IGP is salient working on break of country key laws by politics and CB govern has not been address by Police Enforcement authority ?

    Or NO any taken actions by IGP??????????
    IGP need to answer for the Public and Tax payers of Sri Lankan.
    This issues has to address by IGP not sooner than later .
    The IGP that all his salaries, perks, benefits and pension are paid by Public Money of Tax payers money ,he is suppose to answer for the Public .

    That is basic law of land Democracy ? Sri lanka?

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