Wimal transferred to National hospital as condition deteriorates

Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa was transferred to the Colombo National hospital today as his condition deteriorated.

Weerawansa was earlier admitted to the prison hospital following a fast launched by him.

The former Minister was in remand prison over allegations he misused Government vehicles when he was a Minister.

Weerawansa applied for bail but it was rejected by court. As a result he launched a fast in prison.


  1. UNP led collation politics has already discard agenda of Human Rights of majority Sri Lankan, who love the country, nation and people .
    They like to see right thinking people must eliminated from this soil.
    The MP of Wimal.w… life is in danger.
    The UNP leaders treat that MP of Wimal as their Enemy number NO1

    Such an accountability must undertaken by Prime of Ranil W… President of MS and CBK of Federalist -Tamil leaders of SLFP .

    That is NOT that good as take revenge from life of Wimal of MP of Parliament by defector governor of the state manage and run by Ranil Wicks of Old UNP leader !

    UNP must stop killed their political rivals-in prison ?

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