JVP questions Hambantota port deal with Chinese firm

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) today questioned the deal to be signed between the Government and a Chinese company on the Hambantota port.

JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said that under the proposed deal the Chinese company will receive several tax concessions.

He said that under the deal the Chinese company will operate services and Navy units in the port premises.

Dissanayake also claimed that it is believed international and not local laws will apply to the area under which the port operates.


  1. JVP -Terrorist leader cannot read agreement between China and Sri lanka in English version.
    By reading real terms and conditions you will understand by our mother tong ,I know that JVP policies of anti- China stand that want be change by overnight ,

    The JVP very inception was anti-China and anti- Mao political outfit by advocating anarchist and terrorist politics in practices by Days of Wijeweera’s since 1965!

    In fact every field of that including Port of Hanmbantota which we want more reasonable MOU and then amicable agreement of mutual benefit to both nations that in short-and long terms of Sri lanka and China. This we want address by vested interest both countries.
    That is my standard . I want tell you that JVP of politically of Terrorist-outfit ,have to keep their mind that Port Hanbantota was funded and build by Peoples Republic of China. Other nation has declined to build such Port in South of Sri lanka

    At that time JVP was/is one of leading Political Party who an opposed investment from China ;including building Port of Hanbantota, Colombo Port City and Matalla Airport and other highways projects large scale venture was an opposed by JVP .

    The UNP, TNA and JVP alliance was an opposed investments from China since 1971.(JVP)………?

    We understand that JVP do not want any Economic development in our county ,but they want to destroy whole system of nation building by as past as in 1971 and 1988/89 the politics of insurrection.

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