Madhavan slams opposition to Rajinikanth’s Sri Lanka visit

Actor Madhavan has slammed politicians for turning superstar Rajinikanth’s secluded visit to Sri Lanka into a political controversy.

Rajinikanth last week called off his trip to the island nation, where he was supposed to unveil a housing scheme for the Tamil population affected by the bloody civil war.

“You must understand we are very vulnerable as actors and it is unfair that social issues get linked to us before the release of a film,” Madhavan said while talking to Times Now.

He also suggested that about 500 families depend on a film for their livelihood and with so much at stake, the actors cannot afford to be dragged into a controversy that could affect the business of their film. He also said that Rajinikanth was smart to cancel his Sri Lanka visit.

“Mr Rajinikanth is vulnerable right now because a film is about to release and it doesn’t make sense to create a controversy at this point of time because there will be so much money, everybody’s life earnings at stake now right now… If it gets delayed or postponed, it is not right,” he said. “I think he is very smart. The most appropriate thing to do at this point of time is to not create a controversy,” Madhavan added. However, the actor also added that in the future, people should not politicise his visit to any part of the world.

Lyca Productions had announced that Rajinikanth will unveil a housing scheme by its charity wing Gnanam Foundation for displaced Tamils in Jaffna. The pro-Tamil groups raised a protest banner against Rajinikanth’s visit, alleging ulterior motives behind the invitation of Lyca Productions.

With just a few months left for the release of rajinikanth’s sci-fi film, 2.0, which is being made at a budget of more than Rs 400 crore, Rajinikanth could not have afforded a controversy that had the potential to hamper the release of the film. So he gave into political pressure, requesting the people to respect his decision as an individual in the future.

“I am an artist and not a politician. My duty is to entertain people. If the future presents me an opportunity to visit, meet and entertain Tamils in Sri Lanka, please don’t make it a political issue and keep me from visiting the country. I’m saying it lovingly and rightfully,” Rajinikanth said in a statement. (Colombo Gazette)