Government assures action on anyone guilty in bond scam

The Government has assured action will be taken on anyone found guilty in the alleged treasury bond scam.

Minister of Public Enterprises Development Kabir Hashim said that the Government has for the first time allowed investigations to be launched on its own officials.

He said that no one found guilty in the alleged treasury bond scam will be protected, even if they are members of the United National Party.

“We will allow the investigations to move forward independently,” he said.

Hashim also said that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa held the Presidential election early, knowing that if he had it by 2017 he would have had the election in the face of an economic crisis in the country.

The Minister said the current Government took the pressure faced by the economy as a result of some of Rajapaksa’s actions and is in the process of addressing the issue. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The main culprit is Primer of Ranil W….
    No one else that directed to CB and other banks to release billions of Rupees funding for Perpetual Treasures of son-in-law of ex-Govern of Arjuna Mahandarian.

    The case under UNP -Primer has used all covered operation by using political power of administrations of state organs by Ranil W.. of UNP leader that suppressed an inquire of Bond scam of CB .

    Only altanativite for solution is that CB scam is an inquire of that UNP Leader must resigned immediate effects, to smooth pave way for impartial investigation by concern authorities.

    • Foolishness and ignorance are the signs of weak education. our education system has not trained people for balanced thinking. Mr. S. Withana seems to be a iconic product of this poor education system. Otherwise how can he blame a person or a political party which has no access or control to a financial system. If the CB officials were not agreeable to the suggestions of Arjuna Mahendran (or Ranil Wickramasinghe), they would have said it and noted or minuted in the files or documents about the reasons for disagreements. If the politicians still insisted to implement, they would have wholesale rejected. Why did they agree earlier and later disagree? That is probably because they had done it many times previously and they were getting benefits out of such manipulations. I believe that when the PM wanted to keep the auction open, the manipulative officials felt that they would no longer be able to get the benefits from the few with whom they were dealing with and messed up the entire affair. Now they will have to face the truth, when their whole actions of negligence and lackadaisical approaches are revealed.

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