Wigneswaran seeks role in reconciliation process

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran today called for his inclusion or that of a member of the Northern Provincial Council in the reconciliation process.

Speaking at an event attended by former President Chandrika Kumaratunga in Tellipalai, Wigneswaran said that the Tamils in the North have been agitating for their participation in the processes adopted for reconciliation.

“Reconciliation demands the participation of those affected freely and dignifiedly. Our participation does not mean our officials. They are beholder to the Centre. The political representatives of our people should be made to participate right from the beginning. Merely to look into the physical needs of our people is inadequate. Their feelings need to be assuaged,” he said.

Wigneswaran said the people in the North are critical about the preparation of the Peace Building Priority Plan Framework in that many matters that need to have been given adequate attention and importance have not been included therein.

“Our requests to bring us into the process fell on deaf ears. Even now it is not too late to include us. How would you implement the framework when the key stakeholder is not a part to it?                The framework has no reference to War Crimes’ accountability; there has been no reference to the inclusion of War Crimes jurisdiction into our Law, demilitarisation, high security zones, security sector reforms should have been included into the framework, the need to withdraw Prevention of Terrorism Act should have been reiterated and helped to be withdrawn,” he said.

Wigneswaran says the hardship of the Tamil people and their aspirations have not been adequately understood and there is a feeling of “serves them right” pervading the psyche of the powers that be. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The large number of Majority people are in south fighting for national sovereignty, Territorial integrity, independence and democracy for the whole country.

    But North of Tamil of TNA alliance with LTTE is fighting proxies forces are working to partition of
    Sri lanaka to be divided for Tamil puppet regime ,in North .
    North Council of C.W.Wignasraian seems to be the New leader of Tamil of LTTE , which want surrender north land base for USA and UK proposed by new Eealm regime………North?

    Ex-Judge Supreme court Judge turn LTTE politician of C.W Wignesram is anti-Sinhalese and anti Buddhist in born by Tamil blood ,he is well know to that dithered enemy of Sinhalese race in North-east ?

    CM of NC want surrender that nation sovereignty to US and UK power hegemonies of playing politics of domination of politics of monsoon in Indian Ocean .

    While the pro-Sunni Muslims want Easter province of their own Islam administration of by an Independent rule by Islam Shari Laws of Islam fundamental state in Island.

    This Islam new regime advocated by ISIS and Al-Qaida forces are affiliated to Muslin Congress and other extremist splinters groups of Islam militancy .

    They seek for surrender Nation sovereignty of
    Sri lanka for New Islam regime in Indian Ocean is back by Saudi Arabian Sunni Muslim.

    In reality politics of current Sri Lankan society is that challenges by Tamil in North of New Tamil Terrorist of led by CM of NC and East by Islam of ISIS fundamentals of gun command politics led Nazzar of CM of Eastern Province want created instability of whole Island. This political move will be undermined our whole unity and stability of new won democracy after 2009 May?

    Indeed Tamil militancy and ISIS Muslim Terrorist are at a war against majority Sinhalese people on that they working day and night to split Island for Tamil regime -north and Muslim out-fit in east of Sri Lanka.

  2. “The political representatives of our people should be made to participate right from the beginning”.

    You took arms from India and killed your fellow countrymen. Then you had joined with the West and turned against Indians, Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils. Your ideology is still the same. You worship foreign powers. People won’t trust you and won’t allow you to participate; until you change your thinking and behaviors.

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