UK tells Sri Lanka to deliver on its commitments

The British Government has urged Sri Lanka to deliver on its commitments to the UN Human Rights Council.

Minister of State at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Baroness Joyce Anelay said that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) report on Sri Lanka highlighted notable improvements in its human rights situation.

“But much remains to be done in order to address the legacy of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict. I welcomed Sri Lanka co-sponsoring a resolution at this session, sending a strong signal on the importance the Government attaches to reconciliation and human rights,” she said.

Baroness Joyce Anelay urged the Government of Sri Lanka to provide the leadership required to fully deliver on its commitments, to develop a comprehensive, time-bound implementation strategy, and to give due consideration to the conclusions of the report of the Consultation Task Force on reconciliation mechanisms. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Once British Empire rule one fourth of world .
    UK Queen said and advocated never sun set of British Imperialism.

    They loot billions of Pound or Starlings wealth curacies by if its counts that comes to Billons of UK pounds or Trillion or may be more Trillions of US $ Dollars.

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    That is brief history of United Kingdom of that Queens governess of one fourth of World countries and their people.

    Currently UK become liberator of Tamils of Sri Lankan minority who are came form Tamil Nadu India by various reasons of war mongering intentions .

    The Tamil Nadu is Homeland of all Tamils speaking living through out the world . Tamils no need another homeland for their own.

    Is that UK really interest of Tamils that can request form Republic of Indian to provide separate New Country for puppet regime in Tamil Nadu .There is no barriers for that . Eve UK can go to UNHRC or UNO security council to proposed by own binding resolution support by USA superpower. Hope may be ruling class and Govt. of Indian may be agreed unconditionally .by UK request @

    Is that public secret Tamil political leadership are in Island most of them are Tamil Terrorist of world well known LTTE-Tigers.
    They are by and large ,of that proxies of TNA in Parliamentary politics ‘democracy”; to covered up political of Tamil-chauvinist of TNA and CM of NC want partition of Island for New Eealm regime by encouraging and promotions by UK and USA politics of hegemonies in Globally.

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  2. Why do Tamils want devolution when the most successful Tamils live among Sinhalese?
    UK HC is batting for the diaspora who has the financial clout and votes in UK but they will vote for the parties not in power at present.
    If they can’t live in a country run by crooks,psedo nationalists, then they must seek shelter in TN.

  3. Tamils are better off than Indigenous people in Australia and Canada. Therefore, the UNHRC should do something for those people.

    Since the invasion of Australia, the Aboriginal people resisted the colonisation of their land. The invaders pushed Aboriginal people off the fertile lands into controlled settlements; in the face of continuing resistance, and justifying their actions by a belief in the superiority of their Western civilisation. Some areas of the Northern Territory that were inaccessible and unwanted were set aside as ‘Native Reserves’. Later on these reserves were given ownership to Aboriginal people through the land rights act 1976. Many Aboriginal people worked on cattle stations. For decades they were not properly paid; nevertheless they stayed in their country and continued their responsibilities.

    There was the shameful treatment of Canadian Aboriginal people in early treaties by means of which valuable land was obtained “for an apple and an egg,” amounting to theft. As Aboriginal protesters frequently state: there can be “No Justice on Stolen Land” There has been widespread duplicity of settlers who have refused to stick to treaty agreements. Settler society has flouted its own treaty laws if obeying the law meant that greedy land grabbing would have to be curtailed. Canadian government, in cahoots with corporate interests, have been following a devious and destructive policy of “divide & conquer,” playing Aboriginals against Aboriginals by offering divisive and corrupt deals, luring some poverty struck Aboriginals into accepting bribes and jailing others for standing up for their rights.

    The Australian and the Canadian governments would not give adequate land rights to Aboriginal people that easily; if they do it defeats the purpose of invading others’ homelands to have more resources. Canada also treats its Aboriginal people badly. Canada allows its Aboriginal people to live in their lands as Australia, but refuses to give adequate land ownership to them, in order to control the resources. This tactic allows the Canadian and Australian governments to have full control of the money profited from the sale of Aboriginal people’s resources. It is all about money and ruling others. The Western governments have created Israel based on the history, and the circumstances of the Jews. However, they have refused do the same for the indigenous people of Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand.

    We have enough tangible evidence to prove that the indigenous people of Australasia and North America were the first inhabitants of Australasia and North America more than anyone could ever prove that Israel belongs to the Jews. Clearly, it was easier for the Westerners to create a country for the Jews on others’ homeland to have a Jewish state as “the representatives of the West”, in order to control the Middle East. The same people who acknowledge the Jewish state have refused to acknowledge indigenous people in their homeland. It is nothing but a double standard of the Western governments. Can both freshwater and saltwater flow from the same spring? Obviously, the Westerners who have refused to acknowledge Indigenous people in their homeland for centuries would not worry about Tamils for nothing; they have an ulterior motive.

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