Pakistan PM wants FTA with Sri Lanka made full use of

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stressed the need of fully exploiting Free Trade Agreement (FTA) for the mutual benefit of peoples of Sri Lanka and Pakistan, The Nation in Pakistan reported.

The Prime Minister was talking to Pakistan-Sri Lanka Friendship Trade and Investment Association President Iftikhar Aziz who called on him Friday. Aziz has been conferred the Tamgha-e-Kidmat for his meritorious services in promoting the trade between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

While recalling meeting with his Sri Lankan counterpart Ranil Wickremesinghe on the sidelines of World Economic Forum early this year, the prime minister said Pakistan and Sri Lanka could collaborate for the achievement of objectives of SAARC.

“Both Countries should utilise the full potential of Free-Trade Agreement”, emphasised the prime minister. “Our government has provided comprehensive facilitation and protection of returns to investors as is evident from the pace of development projects,” PM Nawaz said.

The Prime Minister deeply appreciated Aziz for the invaluable gift of corneas for the people of Pakistan. Aziz is gifting 10 corneas to the prime minister, 10 corneas to the Punjab chief minister and 5 corneas to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa governor. Aziz confirmed that he would be able to provide additional corneas in the next two weeks.

The prime minister congratulated Aziz for conferment of Tamgha-e-Khidmat Award from President Mamnoon Hussain. PM Nawaz said, “This reflects the meritorious services that you have rendered towards promotion of friendship, trade and investment between the two countries.”


  1. The current Ruling Party of UNP led Ranil Wicks the Primer has to set national Trade polices of new sustainability development of Economy was set target by UNO in year 2030.

    Sorry to say we are lack National Trade policies time being .We have to wait for more time for that.
    Therefor Our FTA between Sri lanak and Indian has come totally fail last 16 years .

    We are compelled review according to WTO rules guide by International standard and norms.

    We having no doubt Pakistan of our closed neighbor and most trusted friend than India.

    But India FTA we have lost millions of US $ dollars last yearly basis in 16 yeas .That deficit has be address by promptly . Other wise ours nation economic in sever crisis has been undermined growth and development nation development .

    So we are not in position to sing ETCA agreement with Indian near future. The ETCA will be delay with India until FTA review in proper manner by WTO guideline . Ours national Economy and People of all Sri Lankans cannot bear that lost of millions of US dollars by Indian FTA.

    We have to an urgently address this issues of lost export market to India.

    On going Current economic uncertainties and FTA with Indian are is verge of collapse of Island growth and development by the present regime led by UNP Ranil.Wicks, CBK and MS mismanagement of Economy.

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