Wigneswaran tells Malik to withdraw Army from North

Northern Province Chief Minister C V Wigneswaran today told International Trade Minister Malik Samarwickrama the Army must be withdrawn from the North and replaced by an enhanced efficient Police force.

Wigneswaran said that during the past eight years there has not been any activity in the Northern Province which connotes a return to the war days.

“Some allegations by the armed forces have been exposed as actions taken by the Military to ensure their continued stay in the North and East. I have over and over again suggested the withdrawal of all Military from the North and East to be replaced by an enhanced efficient Police Force. A doubled efficient Police force with adequate Tamil speaking officers would suffice in place of the Armed Forces who are an anachronism in our areas and in our midst,” he said.

Malik Samarwickrama and Wigneswaran took part in a seminar on the National program to establish 2000 exporters held at the Jaffna District Secretariat auditorium today.

“Our people even now suffer from psycho somatic diseases. They are exposed to drugs. They seek justice for their loved ones who are missing after their loved ones had been taken into custody by discernible persons after a public call for them to surrender. Despite a consensus resolution the present Government has not shown its commitment for truth and justice. Our internally displaced still are unable to get back to their traditional places of residence. Our resources are surreptitiously whisked away even now. I could state so much more specially with regard to our youth in prison for number of years and the need to withdraw the PTA and so on,” he said.

Wigneswaran also said that the Office on Reconciliation (ONUR) operating under former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, has not had the desired effect.

“Reconciliation is not possible by doling out consumer articles, building conveniences and mouthing conciliatory words. There must be the will to solve the basic causes for the discontent of the discriminated sections of our people. Despite such shortcomings and poverty stricken background of our people we are desirous of joining up with the Minister in ushering in a different culture which will enhance our capacity and improve our economic base and structure,” he said.

Wigneswaran also said that the diaspora would be a powerful source of help entrepreneurs in the North.

“In fact many a person among our diaspora whom I met during my visits recently to US, UK and Canada are interested in collaborating with the locals in trade and commerce provided the Central Government gives them guarantees that obstacles and barricades would not be put on their path of progress,” he said.

He said that if the Tamils continue to suffer from a state security perspective every action on the part of the Tamil people would connote treasonable activity. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Two things for sure any government should not do is to remove the army camps from the north and to join the north and east as one unit! That is a no go totally unless another separatist war is wanted.

  2. hello Wiggie !

    Is your thinking going bonkers ?????????
    or, has your brain got drained to your whiskers????

    Mallik does not own the Army. Its a people’s Army who brought peace to the Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghurs, Malays & other morons & cut-throats like you who reside in this Country.
    Either put up with the Army in the North or shut up.

    Are U aware, persecution, oppression & mass liquidations of Tamils by the Tamils have been recurring the Jaffna political culture in which you are a part that pursued liberal, humane, tolerant and pluralistic politics

    No Community in Sri Lanka was denied the right to walk in day light as the bloody tamils like you of Jaffna. The Low-caste Turumbas were treated like morons like YOU as sub humans who were forbidden to to cross the path of the upper-caste Vellahlas in day time just in case their sight would pollute the assumed purity of the vellahla overlords like You.
    These Tamils of Jaffna I call them idiots for voting for a person like YOU . These Turumba people were only permitted to walk the roads only by night announcing their presence when passing YOUR house and had to wipe their foot prints as they went pass with palm fronds to keep the path clean for upper class purist like YOU.
    For the benefit of such Tamil morons the GOSL keep the Army in Jaffna to thawart moronic habbits of your caste & to keep the peace.
    Did not Ponnambalam Arunachalam make a visit to London in order to influence the colonials to retain the caste system in Jaffna ???????????
    Further YOU poured scorn on Batticaloa Tamils & most of all what people like YOU from your caste called the “Indian Coolies”.

    Wiggie, you moron, go & bury your head in the sand like an Ostrich.

  3. we learnt a bad lesson from the Tigers. It will not happen again and the armed forces will always be there to keep the country safe.
    Just rule your province without making specifc demands of the security. Good luck

  4. chief ministers and provincial councillors cannot decide the national military strategy of the country. so be mindful of this the military though was engaged in counter insurgency is a army meant for the protection of the sovereign state and therefore is a matter of the national government and the defence establishment to decide deployment and needs no other explanation to any provincial member

  5. I do support the NPC Chief’s view that an effective Police Force can maintain Law and Order in the North. Army can be based in North to support the Police. To do this you do NOT need Officers in great numbers.They should stop OCCUPYING the civilian lands.They should NOT get involve in businesses–running Hotels etc etc

  6. i think it’s time if the withdrawal process trigger now and in about 2yrs all forces presently involved in civil life to be withdrawn n only the major baracks to function wih minimum personal.. in psralell through different institutions to be replaced with professionel people train the youth to get a apperenticeship and out of this cycle of crime, drugs and live in peace and dignity.. that’s what the youth need .. if JVP can be given not one but two oppotunities then why not the youth of north..
    treat them equal and with respect, sure they’ll honour that kind of polite gesture..

  7. what planet is this idiot from. it is the security forces that deter terrorists. look at the uk. armed security personnel everywhere now.
    in any case the army has to be deployed in many parts of the country.
    long gone are the days when the army was ceremonial.
    there are too many nutters like prabakaran about.
    if he does not like it here he should find utopia elsewhere, perhaps across the pond.

  8. CM of NC is proxies of Eealm Tamil LTTE -outfit .
    He is well known Gun-Rule Tamil politician, he has authority asked Security Forces to leave North part of Sri lanka.

    He is now engaging to promoting LTTE-Gun-men in North by interest of Tamil Diasporas, while preparation of New Eealm War against majority Sinhalese People in South.

    CM of NC is war monger by politics of Gun rule of that base on Tigers. He is currently main man behind North Council violence last 36 months.

  9. this mentally sick man needs to resting from this job and go for retirements since when man old make such child act and behavior.


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