UK calls for meaningful devolution in Sri Lanka

The British Government today encouraged Sri Lanka to deliver meaningful devolution through constitutional reform, establish credible transitional justice mechanisms, return all remaining military-held private land and replace the Prevention of Terrorism Act with human rights compliant legislation.

A statement by the British High Commission in Colombo said that the UK welcomes the co-sponsorship of the new UN Human Rights Council resolution by the Government of Sri Lanka, which reaffirms commitments made in resolution 30/1 in October 2015, for the next two years.

“By co-sponsoring a new resolution the Government of Sri Lanka has demonstrated its commitment to human rights, accountability and reconciliation, as important elements of a lasting political settlement for all Sri Lanka’s communities,” the UK High Commission said.

The UK says as the report of the Office of the High Commissioner notes, there have been some improvements made to the human rights situation in Sri Lanka since January 2015.

“We recognise that further progress is needed and believe that continued support and encouragement from the international community, including through the UN Human Rights Council, will be an important factor in delivering this. We join the High Commissioner in recognising the steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka since January 2015 to improve the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, in particular the restoration of important democratic checks and balances, improvements in respect for freedoms of expression and movement, the return of some military-held land, the passing of legislation to establish an Office for Missing Persons, the ratification of the Convention on Enforced Disappearances and the initiation of a process of constitutional reform,” the UK Government added.

However, the UK noted that as the High Commissioner’s report clearly states, much remains to be done.  The UK encouraged the Government to take the steps necessary to deliver fully on the commitments it made when co-sponsoring resolution 30/01 and to develop and communicate a comprehensive and time bound implementation strategy.

“We also welcome the work of the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms and encourage the Sri Lankan government to give due consideration to its recommendations,” the UK said.

In November 2015, the UK committed £6.6 million over three years to support Sri Lanka’s ambitious reform agenda.  This includes work on police reform and training, defence engagement, support to the UN’s work on reconciliation and peace building, inter-religious dialogue and mediation, capacity building on anti-bribery and the fight against corruption, and demining in the north of the country.

The UK and the wider international community are helping support Sri Lankan Government efforts to implement its commitments on reconciliation, accountability, human rights and a political settlement that delivers equitable and just governance for all Sri Lankans. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. North and East will become new British colony again after 70 years of Independence—-1948?

    The Tamil people come again under the British occupation by so-called devolution initiated by TNA-LTTE alliance that new political packages support by UNP-Ranil W… CBK of federalist -Tamil -decedents and MS of Indian puppet regime.

    This proposed devolution is surrender National sovereignty to Tamil -political leaders to UK ?

    It will divided Indian very soon and merge Tamil -Nadu into New South Asian regime in world map .Tamil Empire !!!!!

  2. It was the British who took the Lands occupied by the Tamils in the North and the East of our Island for thousands of years, when they made it a unitary state after 1815. When the British left in a hurry in 1948, they gave the rule of the whole country “Ceylon” on a plate to the majority; without any protection for the Minorities.
    After 1948, the majority even re-wrote the History Text Books to ascertain that the Sinhalese are the Only Indigenous people of the entire island of Ceylon and that the minorities are remnants of the Indian invaders whom the Sinhalese spared.
    The Sinhalese claim was underpinned by the ‘Mythological Fact’ that Lord Buddha visited Lanka to bless and proclaim the island a Buddhist shrine and it was the duty of every Sinhalese to preserve it.
    Successive Tamil politicians have failed to enlighten the majority by parliamentary proclamation or dialogue or interventions through Historians, UNESCO the Tamils artefacts in Jaffna Library or any other international organisations about the ancient Naga Tamil heritage of the island which runs to King Ravana’s period.
    British even acknowledged the Tamil legal system ‘Desa-Valamai’ forfeiting all others in the island which is clear evidence that the Tamils were independent of the rule from the Majority Sinhalese.
    Britain should mediate with the majority to enlighten the majority to accept the true history of our island and that Tamils are the indigenous people of this island and that all minorities deserve parity.

  3. UK achieved what they want in Sri Lanka by bringing a backbone-less timid government of Sirisena-Ranil combination. Now UK is dictating SL government but current government has no option but to listen to UK.

  4. Of course the British love to see more power for their puppets which leads to Eelam; so the West can control South Asia and the Indian Ocean. Thanks to Ranil, MS and CBK

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