Wimal’s bail application rejected by Colombo High Court

The bail application submitted by Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa was rejected by the Colombo High Court today.

Weerawansa has been remanded over the alleged misuse of Government vehicles when he was a Minister in the former Government.


  1. The verdicts that seems to be political influence of current regime of UNP, CBK, MS, TNA and JVP by engagement of anti-democracy politics .

    Rule of Law directed by Primer is head of Executive power in current administration under 19th new change of constitution of SL….

    This is politics of UNP has gone beyond the limits of independence of Judiciary institution by politically penetrated destroy basic norms of fair justices system by political high hand in Sri lanka.

    MP Wimal W… is member of voters and public figure
    Having freedom to air views give him fair chance in Parliament is also democracy .
    His remanded by high court that suppressed voice of different views of democracy accepts by system of democracy.

    MP Wimal W become political prisoner.

    This must stop that unlawful act soon by court of law.
    Back to fair play in courts ,if not that nation become lawless country.


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