CID briefs court on details behind Lasantha’s murder

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) revealed key information surrounding the murder of journalist Lasantha Wickremetunga, when the case was heard in court today.

During the hearing, the CID said that investigations had found Wickremetunga was killed as a result of injuries caused by a sharp object and not gun shot wounds.

The CID also said that former military intelligence chief Kapila Hendawitarana had operated a hit squad which targeted journalists.


  1. This is fabricated story by ex -Army Commander who has been betray principle interest of national security .

    He won 2000 voter only from last general election,the army man turn politicos are not good at democracy of Parliament .
    That man undermined national security of while he want created chaos in Island .

    The current regime of UNP -Ranil W…are promoting that majorities are anti-democracies and anti-establishments forces which playing role of politics anarchism ,will lead to New height of Terrorism in North and South of an Island .

    No word other than them which are forces want destroying democracy Sri Lanka by hook or crook!


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