Toronto Mayor notes more needs to be done in Sri Lanka

Toronto Mayor John Tory says more progress needs to be seen on issues affecting the Tamils following the end of the war.

The Mayor, who visited the North over the weekend, said that some of the issues which need to be addressed are the issues surrounding the missing and land.

John Tory expressed these views after having talks with Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran.

The Toronto Mayor said that while there has been progress on a lot of issues, much more remains to be done.

He said that on his return to Canada he will brief the people of Toronto and Canada on what he has seen and heard during his Sri Lanka visit.

Wigneswaran said that most officials who visit Sri Lanka have talks only with the Government but John Tory met the people in the North and got the true picture of what they are facing.

“John Tory can now go back and tell the people in Canada this is what I saw,” Wigneswaran said.

Speaking to reporters later, Wigneswaran said that the Toronto Mayor also commemorated the victims of May 18, 2009 during his visit.

The Toronto Mayor also signed multiple agreements with Wigneswaran on assistance to be provided to the North. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Visitors must talk only development projects. Missing people and land issues are no go zone for foreigners. In fact, you must do what you preach, give back Canada to Canadian Aboriginal people.

    Taiaiake Alfred is a Kahnawake Mohawk educator and writer and the founding director of the University of Victoria’s Indigenous Governance Program. He accuses those celebrating the 400th birthday of America in 2007 as turning a blind eye to the genocide of the continent’s native people. “It’s hard for a native person to be anything but shocked and saddened to the core by the effrontery of it all. In essence, a surreptitious celebration of the conquest of our homeland and the destruction of our people in the service of imperialism and the expansion of the white race. It marks the era that saw indigenous peoples ravaged by diseases introduced by European settlers; on average, Aboriginal communities lost 75 per cent of their populations, and the dispossession of their homelands by fraud and deceit – not a single treaty entered into by the English Crown or the US has been honoured by the settlers.”

    Canadian Aboriginal people’s land Title is an unresolved issue that creates conflict with settler society over the natural resources. Today many generations have passed, yet no treaties have been negotiated and Aboriginal people’s land question remains unresolved. Resort developments on Aboriginal people’s territories are a growing source of conflict. In reality, treaties were no more than rubber stamps for the legalized stealing and plundering of Aboriginal People’s land. Most of the land is unceded and without treaty; however, Canadian Aboriginal people retain their jurisdiction according to British law. Deceitfully, Canada has been one of the very few nations to refuse signing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Declaration. Until Canada recognizes that treaty rights are both human rights and collective rights, there will be no resolution to the ongoing conflicts between Canadian Aboriginal people and the state of Canada.

    There was the shameful treatment of Aboriginal people in early treaties by means of which valuable land was obtained “for an apple and an egg,” amounting to theft. As Aboriginal protesters frequently state: there can be “No Justice on Stolen Land” There has been widespread duplicity of settlers who have refused to stick to treaty agreements. Settler society has flouted its own treaty laws if obeying the law meant that greedy land grabbing would have to be curtailed. Canadian government, in cahoots with corporate interests, have been following a devious and destructive policy of “divide & conquer,” playing Aboriginals against Aboriginals by offering divisive and corrupt deals, luring some poverty struck Aboriginals into accepting bribes and jailing others for standing up for their rights.


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