President says country does not need “yes” Ministers

President Maithripala Sirisena says the country does not need “yes” Ministers but young politicians who will direct the country in the correct path.

The President was speaking at the opening ceremony of a political academy inaugurated by the SLFP Youth Front today at the SLFP Headquarters.

“There is no need for songs of hosannas for the Government in the future. This academy is for a political movement which will act with knowledge, wisdom and understanding,” he said.

The President said the main challenge one faces when building a pure political movement is that politicians do not have enough experience.

He also pointed out that a corrupt person can wear white clothes and win elections due to the preferential vote system.

“The breakdown of the political parties and the worshiping of personalities in this political system can be changed only through knowledge and understanding,” he said.

The President said the SLFP should be taken forward as an honest and clean political movement. He said the party has come along a strong path over the last two years.

“Nobody can move forward as a political movement without a correct philosophy, policy and program,” the President said. (Colombo Gazette)



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