Chinese Defence Minister leaves for key Sri Lanka visit

Chinese Defence Minister Chang Wanquan left on Sunday for official visits to Sri Lanka and Nepal, the Defence Ministry said, trips that could unnerve neighboring India, according to the Reuters news agency.

China is vying to increase its influence in Nepal, which serves as a natural buffer between China and India, challenging India’s long-held position as the dominant outside power in the landlocked nation.

China has also invested heavily in Sri Lanka, funding airports, roads, railways and ports, and including the island nation of 21 million people on its “One Belt, One Road” mission to create a modern-day “Silk Road” across Asia.

The ministry, in a short statement, said Deputy Naval Chief Su Zhiqian would accompany Chang.

It gave no other details.┬áChina’s Defence Ministry said in December that China would hold its first military drills with Nepal in 2017.

In 2014, Sri Lanka allowed a Chinese submarine and a warship to dock at its port in the capital Colombo, prompting concern in New Delhi.

India, which has a festering border dispute with China, has looked at the latter’s strategic ambitions in South Asia and in the Indian Ocean with some nervousness.

China has close defense ties with India’s long-time rival Pakistan, and has been getting closer to Bangladesh and the Maldives too. Chinese warships now increasingly drill in the Indian Ocean too, as Beijing becomes more confident about projecting power far from its shores. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I believe that China is the only country has the ability to lead Asia. India must accept this reality. The Indian Subcontinent was ruled and divided for 2000 years; it has been divided by caste, religion and language. Even Modi gets 10 lives through reincarnation he can’t unite Indian Subcontinent.

    In the Past India and the West encouraged terrorism in Sri Lanka to impose their interests. Bringing China was the game changer. The West and India had to help the Sri Lankan government to eliminate terrorism in Sri Lanka. When China was increasing its manufacturing sector India was creating terrorism in Sri Lanka. India had eliminated talented Tamil and Sinhalese leaders through the Tamil armed groups. India undermines talented leaders around its neighborhood, but dreaming to rule Asia and the world.

    India works closely with the West and insulting Gandhi. When India insults Gandhi by its policies, it has gone fundamentally wrong, it has lost everything. The good governance government is closely working with the West and India. Nevertheless, smart Sri Lankans have prevailed in May 2009, and they will prevail again.


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