Qatar Embassy delays visa for Kabir’s official visit

Qatar Embassy in Colombo had delayed issuing a visa to Minister of Public Enterprise Development and General Secretary of the ruling United National Party (UNP) Kabir Hashim, for an official visit to Qatar, the Colombo Gazette learns.

Sources close to the Minister said that he was to visit Qatar on an invitation extended by the Qatari Minister of Finance.

Hashim was the Minister in attendance to the ruler of Qatar on his last state visit to Colombo.

“It will be interesting to see why the Qatari Embassy in Colombo failed in issuing a visa to a senior Minister and that too at the invitation of their Minister of Finance,” sources told the Colombo Gazette.

The visit to Qatar would have opened up avenues for public private partnerships with Qatari businesses.

Sri Lankan Airlines, Hilton Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka Insurance, Lanka hospitals are a few of the Government institutions under Minister Hashim. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Without any reason if delayed to issue a suitable visa to a senior minister of srilankan government with he was invited by qatary finance minister, if the embassey continue to ignore the visa he should boycott,no matter who care’s how strong GCC country itself,

  2. This shows they are letting people down. Not keeping to time also. They dont know how to make friends. Luckily for us asian muslims are many times more considerate and easy to work with!


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