Parliament adjourned till March 21 following protests

Parliament was adjourned today till March 21 following protests staged by the opposition in the House.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya decided to adjourn sittings after he was unable to control the unruly behaviour of the Parliamentarians.


  1. Since 2015 January 9th current Parliament has lost discipline of members of house after UNP-Ranil W.. has taken in-charge of chamber.

    The UNP Ranil W.. has become that is much political irresponsibility of which undermined whole democratic order of the country. That politics has turn into politics of clown-ism.

    Certain countries of Western ideologies, who back UNP politics may be happy of Ranil >w CBK and MS in power and but UNP’s undemocratic performs definitely destroy democratic order of SL; but country like Sri lanak is democracy will NOT work well.

    That created indiscipline in entire Parliament procedure after that elected minority members of leadership of opposition .

    The UNP has suspended all standing orders of Parliament that previously accepts by since 1948!

    This is undermined basic of norms of Parliamentary
    sovereignty by UNP leadership. The consensus are really bad performances by UNP -Ranil W… leadership. This type of childless mentality is not suited Parliament rule of governances.. Sri lanka

    Now Parliament has lost all laws of the norms and discipline inside and outside chamber including standing orders of chamber.


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