Mahendran appears before Presidential Commission

The former Governor of the Central Bank, Arjuna Mahendran appeared before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into the Issuance of Treasury Bonds.

Mahendran was given notice to appear before the commission today.


  1. Bond scam is very serious nation’s issue an economic sovereignty of Sri lanka.
    Indeed Bond scam has been that undermined by current elected govt. of UNP-leader of Ranil Wicks who is aim to destroy our entire Finical, Monterey and Fiscal policies of developing economy —-Sri Lanka.

    He (UNP-Ranil Wicks …) is the man main who behind CB Bond scam an unequitable interest of foreign capital and their power; who want Escheat (V) Sri Lankan whole Bond system issues by Central Bank of SL,WHICH that convertibility of nation debt -in externally in the large scale of deficit of external assets and foreign currency reserves.

    The crux of matter UNP of Ranil and Ex-CB governor has created new scandal has give birth to become new Rich business magnet to Capital-Rich without
    ex-capitalization by using tools our country poor tax payers money.

    This has be an fragmentation of CB Bond by foul play of the fragile of nation economy which undermined growth and development of nation economy and its sovereignty.

    This most important matter has be an inquiry by current ongoing Presidential commissioner in session is looking CB-Bond scam Colombo.

    The is a new way and path of that creating by private entrepreneur having excess to profits levy by neo-liberalism of the new set of policies have been practices of leadership UNP’s capitalism.

    Needless to say that UNP Ranil W.. and ex-CB governor created intangible assets by unexpectedly that an intensive cultivation of new corporate bourgeoisie classes in Island.

    Result of that CB Bond scam by ruling governing of UNP of our Island development and Democracy is undermined by govt. INTEREST AND HOARDING own rate of interest . The complex rate of interest destroy whole economy short period of time by UNP leader ranil W.. irrational movement of Politics of Undemocrcay.


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