GTF wants UN rights body to closely monitor Sri Lanka

The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) today welcomed the report on Sri Lanka by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights backed the observation that ‘stronger, tangible results needed to be forthcoming without further delay to prevent any further dissipation of hard-earned trust.’

While acknowledging the Sri Lankan Government’s constructive engagement with United Nations’ human rights mechanisms; visible progress on constitutional reform process; positive developments on the broader human rights agenda; and commendable efforts on consultations towards establishing transitional justice measures, the report was emphatic that the ‘fulfilment of transitional justice commitments has been worryingly slow and the structures set up and measures taken were inadequate to ensure real progress.’

The report was categorical that the Government has not moved fast enough with tangible measures – viz. restitution of the land held by the military; resettlement of internally displaced persons; repealing the Prevention of Terrorism Act; effective conclusion of the cases of the remaining security detainees; formulating effective victims and witness protection arrangements; and stopping security force surveillance, harassment and torture – that would immensely help build confidence among victims and the Tamil community.

The report analysed a number of emblematic cases involving security forces covering a period of over ten years with no decisive progress to-date and reiterated High Commissioner’s view that ‘international participation in accountability mechanisms remains a necessary guarantee for the independence, credibility and impartiality of the process and an integral part of the commitments of the Government under Human Rights Council resolution 30/1.’

“It is in this light that we are dismayed and reject the statements from the Sri Lankan leaders, including a recent statement from Prime Minister Wickremesinghe that argue participation of international judges would require constitutional amendments with approval from country wide referendum,” GTF said.

GTF said the High Commissioner’s assertion that unclear and often contradictory messages delivered on transitional justice mechanisms by the President, the Prime Minister, and various members of the cabinet, as a factor contributing towards contradictions in policy development and public messaging around transitional justice and reconciliation, need to be acted upon with utmost seriousness by the highest levels of the Sri Lankan Government.

GTF called upon the Government of Sri Lanka to make every effort to implement all of the recommendations presented in the High Commissioner’s report, which include: ‘present a comprehensive strategy on transitional justice, with a time-bound plan’; ‘invite Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to establish a full-fledged country presence’; ‘adopt legislation establishing a hybrid court, which should include international judges, defence lawyers, prosecutors and investigators’; and ‘operationalise the Office of Missing Persons Act and provide the Office of the Missing Persons with sufficient resources and technical means’.

The High Commissioner’s recommendations to the member states ‘urge the Human Rights Council to continue its close engagement to monitor developments in Sri Lanka’, ‘investigate and prosecute those responsible for serious human rights violations under universal jurisdiction wherever possible’ and ‘ensure respect for the principle of non-refoulement in the case of Tamils who have suffered torture and human rights violations’. GTF said the recommendations are timely and need to be heeded. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Global Tamil Forum (GTF) is no difference to Tamil Tiger Terrorists in their mission. They funded the Terrorist war in Sri Lanka until it got defeated by SL Government. GTF gets most of the funding from Drug Trafficking and people smuggling. Almost every smuggled Tamil has fake torture documents to get sympathy from other countries, once landed. The money earned by these fake refugees is paid back to GTF to create trouble against Sri Lanka in International organisations. GTF has more than 50% members who travelled illegally to many countries in the world. These are the people who talk about Human Rights!

    • Yes Nazeem you are right.Because of these guys all innocent tamils fall into the same trap.Regarding disappearences, no one knows how many travelled to western countries as refugees during war.So all these may be in the diappeared list.If western countries are honoust in their effort ask all these countries to provide full list of refugees gone to their countries during war,Then we can have a reliable estimate.Some refugees have even changed their names too So how any one can say such a person is missing or living.List of tamil people killed by the LTTE too.

  2. To end all these problems in sri lanka,regislation to be passed in the parliament that all sri lankan nationals are srilankan,have equal rights.Anyone can live any where in the country as their wish.No one has traditional home lands.Abolish all the discriminatory land laws introduced by British for their own advantage.Then any outsider cannot pinpoint that we have different treatments for different communities.Avoid segregation,introduce integration.
    For disappearances,I understand so many people who have gone to west as refugees during war may be included as disappeared. So First thing Ask all the western countries to provide a list of refugees from srilanka during wartimes.Then we can really estimate how many have dissappeared.Have any one known how many Tamils killed by the LTTE.So these nos also included in the disappeared list.If there are genuine politicians in srilanka no one should worry about western countries dictate terms on us.Dear citizens of SriLanka always try to show the politicians the right path.If we are in right track SriLanka can developed within 5 years without outside assistance.Then people like us can return back to our belovd country.

  3. I thought Muslims had the monopoly of drug trafficking and people smuggling although they used the military and Sinhala thugs to avoid legal charges.

    The part of the world I am in, it is the Muslims that are trying to get sympathy although spreading terrorism around the world. I think Trump has read them right.

  4. WTF, GTF?
    There was never a homeland for south Indian Tamils in SL, they are just illegal immigrants travelled back and forth for economic gains. Then with Indian Government’s help, they took arms and drove away the remaining Sinhala people from the area and started claiming it to be a Tamil land.
    So, WTF? GTF?

  5. Great Nazeem. Surprised you are not accusing the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights as also a supporter of LTTE. He is the one who produced the report and the GTF is only trying its best to bring back the lost dignity for Sri Lanka. Are you happy watching Sri Lanka getting rolled down further? Sorry you are only a racist.

  6. It would have been far better for everybody, if the UNHRC intervened and stopped the LTTE while it was assassinating the leaders, intellectuals and innocent people in the name of Eelam. It didn’t care to stop the killing, why it does now? It is all about controlling others. Those days the diaspora money was controlling Srii Lanka. Now days the West has to being the UNHRC to control Sri Lanka.


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