Why trash it when you can cash it?

We all have things that we don’t use; that we leave around because we can’t bear to see them in the bin. Those “things” that our mother, sister, wife or husband calls clutter. Those “things” that prevent us from buying other much needed “things”. Why because we simply don’t have more space to accommodate anything else in our houses.

The new app Bundlhub offers you a solution to your space problems. With Bundlhub, you can trade what you have and no longer need with others, using your mobile phone. Not only with your immediate neighbors, but also across distances and provinces. Maybe soon with people across the globe. Bundlhub wants to give people the benefits of barter trade in a modern way. They do so by allowing us to swap goods we no longer need for those we wish to have.

Sri Lanka collects 700 metric tons of garbage everyday in the western province alone. Simple math makes it 21,000 tons of garbage in one month. Imagine the adverse effects that this waste leaves on the environment. Now can you picture an opportunity to help reduce environmental pollution?

Bundlehub offers everyone a chance to protect our environment. We now can share our unneeded non-perishable items in a creative way. Now we can trade those unneeded items, for those we wish to have, with other people.

By meeting new people online, shoppers can easily connect and create new friendships. Swapping items becomes as easy as a handshake.

Additionally, traders can reduce dead stock on the shelves.

For those who do not wish to trade, Bundlehub is an opportunity to share what we have with others.


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