Dinesh wants Dallus recognied as JO leader in his absence

Joint Opposition (JO) leader Dinesh Gunawardena wants Parliamentarian Dallus Alahapperuma to be recognised as the joint opposition leader in Parliament, in his absence.

Gunawardena made the request to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

Speaking in Parliament, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that Alahapperuma can be given such recognition only if the leader of the United People’s Alliance (UPFA) Maithripala Sirisena agrees as Gunawardena and Alahapperuma are both members of the UPFA.

Alahapperuma said that the joint opposition must be allowed to express its views in Gunawardena’s absence. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The present Speaker of Parliament has lost all norms of Democratic credential of non political credibility .
    House of Chamber has turn into UNP party headquarters of Srirkota -Kotta.

    All rights of opposition members of Parliament has been suppressed by Speaker of Parliament !!!!!!!!!!
    This is tragedy of that lost of “good governances” by Primer of Ranil that his miss -managing of the parliamentary affairs by misguided Democrat ofthree-in-one of MS, CBK and Ranil.w… of UNP’s.

    The Nation political democratic principles are under so many uncertainties by current Speaker’s ill-behavior.

    The Speaker has created political-anarchism inside and out-side the parliament .


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