Revello launches sugar free dark chocolate

Chocolate lovers across the country can now indulge in a truly world-class premium sugar free chocolate as the CBL Revello introduces ‘Revello sugar free dark’ – the ultimate indulgence in sugar free chocolate.

At a time when sugar-free has gone mainstream, Revello sugar free has been specially crafted after a series of trials and experiments to ensure that every detail contributes to the overall chocolate experience.The new and indulgent chocolaty taste offers consumers a satisfying, sophisticated and lasting treat. CBL constantly innovates to provide consumers with the best in class international chocolate experience.

As sugar free sweeteners evolve, studies indicate that health concerns and better tasting confectionaries attract a widespread variety of consumers to the sector.Based on this trend towards sophisticated, darker and more adult chocolate flavours, Revello sugar free dark is ideally suited to provide the rich taste that consumers are demanding.

“Consumers these days are having a change of heart for sugar. Revello sugar free dark chocolate is a natural extension for our premium Revello range. We have created a delicious, smooth textured chocolate, amazing to taste and in a perfectly sized portion for consumers who want to enjoy the sweeter things in life without compromise,” commented Theja Peiris, Group General Manager (Marketing) at Ceylon Biscuits Limited.

“The chocolate masters at Ceylon Biscuits Limited created this premium quality Revello sugar free dark chocolate which is affordable for local consumers who cannot afford foreign brands. Foreign brands of sugar free dark chocolate are not available in the local market.” Theja Peiris added.

“We have innovated a product that is low in caloriesand meets the demand for a high-quality sugar free confection” stated Madhava Senanayeke, Research & Development Manager – CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd.

Not everyone is aware that eating chocolates is beneficial to your health and that these health benefits are backed by scientific studies. Of course these studies specifically refer to sugar free chocolate which are low in calories. The darker the chocolate the better because sugar free dark chocolate contains more cocoa but no sugar. Therefore Revello sugar free dark chocolate is an ideal choice for a healthy life style and also for people with diabetics.

A study of 8,000 male Harvard students showed that chocoholics lived longer. Evidence also shows that cocoa from which chocolate is made is rich in antioxidants that helps ward off heart diseases and prevents strokes because it thins the blood.  Cocoa also contains nitric acid which is known to reduce blood pressure.

Chocolate is rich in iron content, and is the second highest source of magnesium among all foods, next to seaweed.  Researchers have found that eating an ounce of sugar free dark chocolate a day will result in significant health benefits, because it is good for people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, if taken in moderation.

With only the best ingredients infused to create flavours and textures to delight the palate, Revellosugar free dark is the perfect health fix for chocolate lovers. Revellosugar free dark chocolate is now available nationwide in supermarkets and top-end groceries in 50g slabs priced at Rs 170/=.