Leading diaspora group to work with Government

The Government and the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), a powerful Tamil diaspora group based in London, are to work together to address the Tamil issue.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera had talks with the President of the Global Tamil Forum Father S. J. Emmanuel in Geneva last week.

Father Emmanuel told the Colombo Gazette he met Samaraweera and a Sri Lankan delegation for abot45 minutes behind closed doors.

“In all my meetings I have openly said that I do it as an act of critical and constructive collaboration by a moderate diaspora organization and from me as one of the oldest victim and witness of this conflict right from June 1956. Hence our exchanges are about helping one another,” he said.

Father Emmanuel also said that while expressing some dissatisfaction and disappointment at the ongoing accountability process, he will not lose hope and will remain on the path of truth and justice with the help of the UNHRC. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why do worry about diaspora to solve our problems

    Take rightful decisions
    Tamil represtatives and others can discuss locally
    Do not relay on outsiders

  2. hahahah watch this island succumb. shinalese will lose their sovereignty in their own native land. 30 years of a pointless war? all those dead srilankan military boys who fought for sovereignty from foreign hoarders gave their lives away for nothing. So Ranil and the tamils played the long-con. Plan was for Rajapaksa and the military to put a stop to the(predominantly hindu) LTTE backed by tamil nadu becuase they were ousted as a terrorist group and were losing moral support from the india and the intl community and have them replace with peace loving social justice activist GTF, headed by wealthy tamil christians? And Accuse Rajapaksa with corruption with a false narrative and have a puppet like dumb sirsena elected, so that Ranil and his antiSL-diaspora and his elite liberal friends can pull the strings and collect $$$. Now you have the evangalics in power just like the colonial days, divide and conquer? Cant belive people are stupid enough to vote for this gonvt. I just hope coup happens, so we can take our country back before its too late and fall into another hole like we has pre-09

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