TNA backs call for special court with international participation

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has welcomed the report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the implementation of the 2015 Human Rights Council resolution, and its recommendations.

The TNA said that while the report acknowledges some areas of progress, such as discussions on constitutional reform, it is critical of the Government’s failure to deliver with respect to a number of critical issues.

“The TNA shares the concerns of the Report that confidence building measures such as land releases, release of prisoners, repeal of the PTA, reform of the Victim and Witness Protection Authority and ending military involvement in commercial and civilian activities have not been pursued satisfactorily. In fact, the failure of the government on these issues are steadily eroding the trust of our people,” the TNA said.

The TNA continued to express its concern about the lack of progress on the issue of accountability, and have called on the Government to present a time-bound action plan to implement its own commitments.

“The systemic failure to make progress on emblematic cases in the regular courts highlights the need for a special court with robust international participation in keeping with the government’s commitments. We welcome the High Commissioner’s recommendation echoing this demand. We also call on the government to operationalize the Office on Missing Persons forthwith. The inexplicable delay in doing so unconscionably prolongs the agony of the families of the disappeared,” the TNA said.

The TNA welcomed the High Commissioner’s call that the Human Rights Council sustain its close engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka and ensure monitoring of developments in the country.

The TNA also called on the Government to demonstrate good faith by making swift progress on the issues highlighted by the High Commissioner. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I have told many times that TNA is not national political party , they(TNA) are working against Nation Sovereignty, Territorial integrity, an Independent & Democracy of Sri Lankan .

    TNA’s grand plan and aim of political agenda is nothing else that is obvious separatism and Tamil -chauvinist state in North -East by partition of for Tamil rough regime in North .

    Beyond that TNA want to play the manipulating of the political game-changer in South. That is tragedy of Democracy of SL……

    By supporting the current of UNP’s regime, that TNA think that their “human rights agenda’ -” on war crime ” proposed by Tamil diasporas with USA and UK can be apply for everything to safeguard TNA ideology of the Tamil Separatism by totally partition of Island for Tamil Eealm puppet regime in North.

    TNA is adamant on that separatism by
    Tamil-chauvinism, that is their principle standard of national issues of minority problems .They ever-never diverted from this separatism point of standard.

    It Is almost difficult to compromised with nation Sovereignty with TNA and National Democratic forces in south.

    They are waiting for Tamil Eealm by barging with foreign powers so-called ‘WAR CRIMES” the advocated by USA ,UK and Certain EU countries.

    The majority of that large number of billions of people of world knows, that who are the war criminals of world that — USA and UK is number one enemy of people of world ?

    They are biggest of modern human history even after Second World War?

    TNA is that correct from seek which USA and UK to justified their ‘war crime’ against People of in Sri Lankan ?

    This where is that TNA is wrong footing of line of politics of democracy which, nationally and Internationally by collaboration with USA and UK?

    No doubt that TNA vested interest of Foreign power to division of Island is key aim of anti-national politics and want surrender nation sovereignty to foreign powers to re-colonialized island after 69 years after Independent?

    Such political party of TNA cannot be opposition political forces of that, how they can play role of democracy an opposition in Sri lanka?


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