Rajitha orders transfer of prison hospital doctors

Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senaratne has ordered the immediate transfer of all doctors at the prison hospital.

Senaratne said the transfer was ordered as there was an allegation a doctor at the hospital is involved in having some politicians arrested on various charges, transferred to the prison hospital.

An order was given earlier to transfer the doctor but the doctor is still at the prison hospital.

As a result the Health Minister ordered all doctors at the hospital to be transferred and replaced with new doctors.

The Health Minister also gave instructions for disciplinary action to be taken against any doctor who does not comply with the transfer. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is not a single UNP members in prison ,as Rajitha is invincible leader of UNP party supporters.

    He want punished opposition politicians and change according to political orders from Top.

    The Rajith of Senatarhana looking for UNP’s favorite doctors to appointments.

    Prison has come under the UNP’s political supervision and decisions by M o H of Rajitha .$$$$$$$.


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