Mangala tells UNHRC, Sri Lanka determined to address concerns

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Sri Lanka is determined to address concerns on human rights.

He said this while addressing the high-level segment of the 34th session of the UNHRC in Geneva today.

The Foreign Minister said that Sri Lanka has made progress on several fronts over the past two years.

The Minister also said that some elements are attempting to derail the ongoing reconciliation process.

He said that among the notable improvements was the implementation of the Right to Information Act, cabinet approval for a National Action Plan on Human Rights and approval for an Office on Missing Persons.

“Another important undertaking that was successfully concluded during this period, is public consultations carried out by the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms, the first of this nature carried out in the country. Over 7000 written submissions were received from persons from all walks of life, many of them victims of human rights violations who came forward to give their views. The Report of the Task Force is presently being studied in the context of designing the relevant Mechanisms for Truth-seeking, Reparations, Justice, and other reconciliation processes,” he added.

The Minister also said that while taking the allegations of continuing incidence of torture seriously, it is reiterated that the Government maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards torture as also demonstrated by the President’s participation against torture last year.

“Although the National Human Rights Commission has recently indicated to us that there is a downward spiral of incidents, even one incident of torture is one too many. The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, the Police Commission, the Ministry of Law & Order and other relevant agencies are working together to prevent and combat torture. As in many other areas, this too is an area in which we require technical assistance, and I hope that countries with experience in this area will come to our assistance,” he said.

The Minister said Sri Lanka’s resolve to see the transitional justice process through, has not diminished and with the help of all Sri Lankans in all walks of life, friends and partners in the international community, and Sri Lankans overseas; with patience, understanding, and constant and consistent effort and perseverance; the Government strongly believes that Sri Lanka can make the reconciliation process a success, and establish a progressive and united society, working in harmony to take the Nation towards new heights of socio-economic development. (Colombo Gazette)



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  1. A down right cut throat and a bluffer who has all his life lived of the country’s coffers bluffing the people and by deceit.

    Now he has taken over this trait to the UNHRC as well.
    How long is he going to do this ?

    All this problems for SL since co-sponsoring the UNS resolution in order land a plumb International job or in the UN through the Clinton administration.

    Fortunate for SL, Clintons lost their way ans so did mangala.

  2. mr mangala foreign minister srilanka former government has killed civilian one thousand person as terrolist with help of Indian prime minister most tamil girls we re killed by army and Rape .india was backing former prime minister mr wrachpaee was not willing to against srilanka other country mr singh was lap pap of ms Sonia ,government police commission judical attorney general department are supporing the army and politician who wanted killed the minority in srilanka ,today also Rape and killing in Jaffna, prime minister and president are turn eye and going local government election not held voters are not happy with government,human right highirichy must take action against criminals in srilanka,former presient and his brother MrGota

  3. sinhala idiots are just fooling everyone. they have no intention of carrying out an investigation or punish the sinhala army soldiers.without foreign judges how are they going to investigate. sinhala judges oh give me a break.

    • S Shiva,
      You fu–ing tamils are the killers, and should be erased off this world, a pest, insect, germ you name it, and it is you whom should be hung for the killings.

      • calm down man. don’t get carried away. i don’t know who killed who before independence but i am 100% sure its the sinhala savage lot who started killing innocent tamil men, women and children after my opinion you acted like primitive savages, uncivilised barbarians and ruthless murderers. can you say anything good about sinhala race. i don’t think tamils got to be wiped out from the face of the earth , its the sinhala lot who deserve that.

  4. UNHRC .27th feberary postponed the srilankan communal and criminal reports, most of the country want to take action against the srilanka government. last time enough evidence to take action against srilanka government British proved live record killing the tamils and Rape girls front of parents ,MR Rajapasak and mr Gota the main cause for rape and killing USA asst secretary told srilanka tamil were killed with in two or three years minority has no more in srilanka known Sinhala Buddhist country. even other religions


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