CAA seize 42,100 kilos of hoarded rice in Pettah market

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) seized 42,100 kilos of hoarded rice in the Pettah market during the 48 hours ending at midnight on February 27, Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishad Bathiudeen said today.

The rice volumes were stacked in 25 kg bags and hoarded by three different sellers and businesses in the Pettah market.

“I have instructed the CAA to immediately seal any rice found to be hoarded. The 42100 kg of rice has now been sealed by CAA,” Minister Bathiudeen said.

As of 27 February, 2064 successful rice raids have also been conducted by the CAA for the month of February with 1376 cases being filed.

“Rice sellers are also required to follow the Maximum Retail Prices imposed by the CAA. Errant sellers who sell above the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) are violating the law. Hoarding of these varieties is also a violation and affects our consumers,” Minister Bathiudeen said.

By order No 42 issued on 17 February and gazetted on 17 February midnight by CAA Chairman under Consumer Affairs Authority Act No 9 of 2003’s section 20(5), MRPs were introduced for imported and domestically milled rice (of three varieties). (Colombo Gazette)


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