Insights Advertising ties up with GroupM

Insights Advertising, an integrated marketing and communications agency, has entered into a strategic partnership with GroupM to further its reach and effectivity. Insights Advertising is an agency that’s offering a fresh outlook in advertising which is creative led and reaches down to grassroots level in strategy, philosophy and execution while GroupM is the world’s largest advertising media company in terms of billing, handling over 32% of the world’s media billings which amounts to over $106 billion.

GroupM has over 5,000 employees and 150 offices in 93 countries and was formed in 2003 by the WPP Group to serve as the parent company for all its media agencies including Mindshare, Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Xaxis and Outrider.

The scale advantages that this partnership expects to bring into the Insights clientele extend from trade consolidation benefits including improved accountability and inventory trading models, to improved measurement, improved systems and processes and seamless integrated planning capability across digital, activation, content and regular media.

The digital advantages from GroupM for Insights Advertising are reflected in the facts that it has the largest digital media growth with over 60% market share and that it is a global certified partner with preferred partnerships with media houses.

With such partnerships Insights Advertising is expected to help its range of brands by enabling these companies to be the best in class in talent, technology, trading and full value chain services.


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